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New York Paper Uses Public Records To Publish Gun-Owner Map 1232

New submitter Isaac-1 writes "First it was the sex offenders being mapped using public records, now it seems to be gun owners — I wonder who will be next? It seems a newspaper in New York has published an interactive map with the names and addresses of people with [handguns]." It's happened before: In 2007, Virginia's Roanoke Times raised the ire of many gun owners by publishing a database of Virginia's gun permit holders that it assembled based on public records inquiries. (The paper later withdrew that database.) Similarly, WRAL-TV in North Carolina published a database earlier this year with searchable map of (partially redacted) information about permit holders in that state, and Philadelphia made the news for a similar disclosure — complete with interactive map and addresses — of hundreds of gun permit applicants and holders.
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New York Paper Uses Public Records To Publish Gun-Owner Map

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 25, 2012 @11:20AM (#42387229)

    AKA A map of which houses NOT to rob.

  • I quit (Score:2, Funny)

    by Jetra ( 2622687 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2012 @11:30AM (#42387303)
    Dear America,

    I have tried and tried to defend you and get you to see just how idiotic you all are. I've attempted to defend your right to pirate and your right to defend your opinions. However, I believed in the Constitution wholeheartedly. I had believed the good in all, even the lousiest men. However, time and again, you have shown only the dark, ugly side of you, beginning with the war on Rebecca Black's Friday. You all make me ashamed to be an American right now, letting the government seduce you into thinking that guns are bad simply because one maniac decided to let loose on an elementary school.

    Removing guns will not solve anything, in fact it will cause more problems. Our will is slowly being drained as they try to pass more and more laws restricting our freedoms, taking away our pride, and eventually turning us into slaves. I came from the 1990s, the final decade where we didn't let government tell us what to do, we all had individual thoughts and cared for the whole rather than ourselves

    The internet, while a fantastic tool, has only reinforced the point I have been trying to make. It has made us less unique and forced us to think like a bee hive - all the same thoughts and act in the same way. What happened to being different? Right, being different means you are either gay, a Nazi, or pathetic. Well, call me all those names, but I'm through sticking up for this sorry-ass country I live in. It sickens me to admit I actually tried to defend you and the Constitution.

    Now that gun owners are being tracked, it tells me that the final stages are being put forth along with our loss of ownership over photos. Good job, America, you've screwed yourself on all levels. Would you like to be chain and whipped or held in concentration camps while your so-called "government" protects you?
  • by russotto ( 537200 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2012 @12:12PM (#42387693) Journal

    ...on behalf of gun rights advocates, for graphically illustrating one reason requiring gun registration is a bad idea.

    Another thank you from Westchester & Rockland Organized Crime, Inc, both for providing homes to avoid for their junior members, and high-value targets for their more skilled housebreakers.

  • by deathguppie ( 768263 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2012 @02:43PM (#42389039)

    Maybe so, but as justice Scalia has stated on numerous occasions, 'concealed weapons should be legal especially if it's like a totally bad ass maching gun being hidden under a trench coat like in the matrix'.

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