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Japanese Police Charge 2channel Founder Over Forum Posts 62

identity0 writes "According to Japan Probe, Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of, has been charged with drug offenses by Japanese police over a forum post made on 2ch in 2010. He is not even accused of making the post, but of failure to have moderators delete it. The post apparently discussed drugs. (also called 2channel) is Japan's biggest forum, with over a million posts a day, of which the post in question was one. The site inspired image board (but is not directly related to it), which spawned copycat English site More info at Slashdot Japan, if you can read Japanese."
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Japanese Police Charge 2channel Founder Over Forum Posts

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  • by TheCarp ( 96830 ) <> on Thursday December 20, 2012 @07:36PM (#42354433) Homepage

    Is that the European ideal where the UK arrests people for offensive facebook posts (indeed now has guidelines on it) and actually has no freedom of speech at all? Or Germany where they are so embarassed by the past they they would jail their own people lest they express opinions that could cause uneducated people to say bad things about Germans?

    Perhaps France and their recent forays into legislating what people can wear on their heads?

    Never mind our allies though (particularly some of the "other" ones like South Korea where we fought for their freedom to be jailed for insulting the government, or saudi arabia where all it takes is international pressure to show them the error of their belief that a woman who reports being gang raped should be stoned to death for admiting she had sex.... such an easy mistake to make that.)... perhaps you were thinking of the US?

    You know, where we are free to have a trial as long as the president doesn't decide he doesn't want us to have one. Or where we keep plans to massively extend law enforcement authority in drawers waiting for the next disaster to push them through? Or where we ignore our own laws to ship captives out to be tortured?

    Were those the sensibilities that you were looking for?

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