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ICANN Raffle Sets gTLD Processing Order 37

judgecorp writes "ICANN has held a raffle to determine in what order it will examine new domain name applications. This doesn't guarantee applicants will win the generic top-level domain (gTLD) they have set their hearts on, as the applications still have to be considered. There may be competition, or objections such as the South American governments' objection to Amazon's .amazon bid. None of the first batch is an English language domain, and the first one likely to make it through all the hurdles is an application by the Vatican, for a domain spelling 'catholic' in Chinese."
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ICANN Raffle Sets gTLD Processing Order

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  • by marcello_dl ( 667940 ) on Tuesday December 18, 2012 @07:27PM (#42332191) Homepage Journal

    If the Vatican has probs with Catholic Cinese, they still can reserve .cathoric

    • Re: (Score:1, Offtopic)

      by crossmr ( 957846 )

      racist and ignorant.. an obvious combination and modded funny on slashdot no less. It's good to see where the priorities are and what the community supports.

      • The joke is racist and ignorant, but a system where jokes are considered for censorship is fascist and I'm not going to submit to this politically correct stuff. Today racism, tomorrow political opinions, the day after tomorrow The Truth.

        You didn't like the joke, mod it down all the way, or come up with your own deplorable jokes, that's Freedom and I respect that.

  • stupid (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 18, 2012 @07:29PM (#42332215)

    this whole gltd idea and process is the stupidest bag of dirt that I've ever seen. who thought it's a good idea to throw out all internet conventions and have people fight over different names?

  • by alphatel ( 1450715 ) * on Tuesday December 18, 2012 @07:47PM (#42332333)
    The gtld was raffled, everyone was baffled
    100k required, everyone perspired
    germans won .apple, google won .snapple
    no one thought it funny, but ICANN sure made money!
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Burma Shave

  • by damn_registrars ( 1103043 ) <> on Tuesday December 18, 2012 @08:44PM (#42332737) Homepage Journal
    They are doing the non-English ones first to draw attention to it - and hopefully increase the perceived value of the English ones.

    While their intentions are not good, they aren't stupid, either.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    The good thing about these old protocols like DNS is that it's all distributed. If ICANN royally screw up DNS, I can always use a different root. As it stands, it's not even close to that. I can still get cheap .com domains, and the gTLDs can be ignored. (IP addresses on the other hand are more centrally managed, but there is even less controversy there)

  • The one gTLD that makes sense would be .rad, though I haven't seen this proposed. The idea is to link nationally or internationally assigned radio call signs, to a URL: call_sign.rad.

    This is sensible as a gTLD, as there is a one-one correspondence between call signs and legitimate owners. There is a need and value to having a (somewhat) reliable or trustable way to locate the radio stations on the web.

    • by 1u3hr ( 530656 )

      There is a need and value to having a (somewhat) reliable or trustable way to locate the radio stations on the web.

      Instead of creating a TLD, and requiring every radio station to pay for a ".rad" domain. just have whichever authority regulates call signs have a web directory and/or search API. Cost: basically zero. Much more reliable since many radio stations would not bother to get one of your special .rad domains, or would not update it and have it as a dead end.

      I hear similar suggestions:"Every movie should have a .movie domain... every porn site should have a .xxx domain ... etc, etc. All equally silly and just p

  • by Anonymous Coward

    > the first one likely to make it through all the hurdles is an application by the Vatican, for a domain spelling 'catholic' in Chinese.

    Doubt that, because China (the P.R.C.) bans the Vatican-controlled global catholic church and runs its own fake, Beijing-controlled "catholic" church. They are extremely serious about that ban, e.g. any han persons caught being vatican-catholic are sent to "re-education" camps for 10 years. Underground Vatican-aligned bishops are also imprisoned and sometimes executed if

  • I know all the new porn sites are scrambling to get their .xxx domains registered, but I still say ".cum" just sounds better.

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