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John McAfee Collapses At Guatemala Detention Center 219

An anonymous reader writes with this snippet from ABC News: "Software millionaire John McAfee has been taken to a Guatemala City hospital via ambulance after suffering a possible heart attack at the detention center where he is being held. McAfee, 67 — who may soon be deported back to Belize, where authorities want to question him about the shooting death of his neighbor — was reportedly prostrate on the floor of his cell and unresponsive. He was wheeled into the hospital on a gurney, but when nurses began removing his suit, he became responsive and said, 'Please, not in front of the press.' Earlier today, McAfee had complained of chest pains."
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John McAfee Collapses At Guatemala Detention Center

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  • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) * on Thursday December 06, 2012 @05:54PM (#42209123) Homepage Journal

    Sadly, it doesn't. An acquaintence of mine was jailed for some minor offense here in Sangamon County, and he died in agony from a perforated colon because they thought he just had a stomach ache. Of course, his family sucessfully sued the county for a shitload of money.

    They're not going to let you out of custody, they're going to have a guard on you at the hospital. When the hospital releases you, back to jail you go.

    Your "oldest trick" is quite ineffective. It also costs the county a lot of money.

  • by Dan East ( 318230 ) on Thursday December 06, 2012 @06:07PM (#42209313) Journal

    USA Today said he was accompanied by his 20 year old girlfriend to the hospital. Perhaps the 2 minor heart attacks were after a conjugal visit? []

  • by Gordo_1 ( 256312 ) on Thursday December 06, 2012 @06:27PM (#42209575)

    You gotta admit, this is possibly the most exciting tech-related drama of all time. Hans Reiser's trial pales in comparison.

    Let's see, you've got:

    * eccentric millionaire going off the grid to do obscure 'antibiotics' research in the jungles of Belize flanked by various hot young babes
    * a compound with military-grade security
    * allegations of corrupt local officials with commando units demanding bribes
    * embedded American journalists following the saga
    * a murder with alternate allegations of settling a vendetta versus a framing job
    * millionaire hiding in dirt to avoid authorities
    * extreme measures to hide location, including numerous disguises and a decoy with a North Korean passport
    * arrest and detection in yet another third-world country
    * fake heart attacks to escape detention

    Grab some popcorn, the second act hasn't even begun yet...

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