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California Software Maker's Fortunes Track Dispute With Chinese Gov't 94

concealment writes "For three years, a group of hackers from China waged a relentless campaign of cyber harassment against Solid Oak Software Inc., Milburn's family-owned, eight-person firm in Santa Barbara, California. The attack began less than two weeks after Milburn publicly accused China of appropriating his company's parental filtering software, CYBERsitter, for a national Internet censoring project. And it ended shortly after he settled a $2.2 billion lawsuit against the Chinese government and a string of computer companies last April."
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California Software Maker's Fortunes Track Dispute With Chinese Gov't

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  • Please elaborate. (Score:4, Interesting)

    by concealment ( 2447304 ) on Thursday November 29, 2012 @11:57AM (#42130369) Homepage Journal

    Meanwhile, our collapse is now mathematically impossible to avoid.

    Since all of us live here, it's incumbent upon us to avoid collapse if possible.

    What kind of collapse are you thinking of? Gibbon and Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire?

    Or more like Jared Diamond's Easter Island case study?

    It seems Joseph Tainter's The Collapse of Complex Societies might be a good guide, but I'd prefer to hear the math or theories you're using to predict this.

    This message is neither agreement nor disagreement with the propositions you have advanced.

Consultants are mystical people who ask a company for a number and then give it back to them.