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John McAfee Accused of Murder, Wanted By Belize Police 353

New submitter thn writes "John McAfee, who started the antivirus software giant named after him, has been accused of murder in Belize and is wanted. McAfee had taken to 'posting on a drug-focused Russian message board...about his attempts to purify the psychoactive compounds colloquially known as "bath salts,"' Gizmodo wrote. The scariest aspect of this story may be the fact that an entire lab was constructed for John McAfee's research purposes. Because of his efforts to extract chemicals from natural chemical plans McAfee was able to justify his experiments in a country that is largely unregulated."
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John McAfee Accused of Murder, Wanted By Belize Police

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  • UPDATE (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 12, 2012 @05:07PM (#41960067)

    FTA: Update 1:37 p.m. PT To include additional information from CBS that indicates McAfee is not wanted for the killing of Gregory Faull as Gizmodo previously reported but is only wanted for questioning at this time.

  • by Dr_Barnowl ( 709838 ) on Monday November 12, 2012 @07:29PM (#41961611)

    It's more efficient than oral, because it bypasses the first pass metabolism [] ; a large fraction of many drugs are metabolised by the liver on the first pass of the substance through the bloodstream out of the intestine, whereas the venous plexuses of the anus go straight into the main blood system.

    You can achieve the same effect with a lower dose and fewer toxic effects. Some nations don't have the hangups about their arseholes that we do in the English speaking nations and consider suppositories a normal form of medication.

  • then you should be responsible and warn people that people die from coffee enemas and alcohol enemas [] []

    i am not being a prude, you have a right to do anything you want with your body. i am saying it is your responsibility when communicating activities of heightened danger to indicate the heightened danger

    there are many drugs and delivery methods where there is a large tolerance to wildly swinging dosages and rates. then there are many other drugs and delivery methods where slight alterations in dosage and rates means the difference between a good time and death. meaning no one should engage in these efforts casually. but unfortunately, since recreation and escaping responsibility is often the motivation, people die with dangerous dosages and delivery methods

    education and care is the proper antidote to bad experience with drugs. i didn't say prudery. but you can reduce the power of prudery in society by being careful when you communicate, and educating people as to dangers and harsh downsides. it doesn't make you a killjoy. death is a killjoy

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