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Amazon To Launch Sydney Data Center 63

schliz writes "Amazon Web Services will unveil its first Australian data centers on Tuesday, ending more than a year of speculation. The move is expected to address enterprises' data soverignty and latency concerns, although local cloud providers argue that data held by U.S. company Amazon would still be subject to the Patriot Act."
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Amazon To Launch Sydney Data Center

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  • by DeSigna ( 522207 ) on Saturday November 10, 2012 @06:53AM (#41941187)

    Australia has several 10s of terabits of international capacity, of which around 2Tb (from memory) is actually "lit". There's 4 main cable systems (AJC, SCCS, PPC-1 and SeaMeWe-3), a few smaller ones to surrounding nations (JASURAUS, Gondwana-1) and a handful of multi-terabit modern ones that are barely ticking over (like Telstra Endeavour).

    The growth in capacity has drawn quite a few international service providers and carriers to Aussie shores, and the resulting demand for domestic capacity has done nothing but good things for the price and availability of rack real estate and domestic transit. Our domestic providers are all pretty healthy, just waiting to see how the NBN pans out.

    I can't see any problems with a big cloud provider like Amazon entering the market here. If it doesn't start forcing storage and bandwidth costs down further I'll be quite surprised.

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