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Gabon Suspends Domain, Dotcom Says "We Have Alternative Domain" 212

hypnosec writes "Kim Dotcom's plan to launch a 'bigger, better, faster, stronger, safer' Megaupload successor, Mega, is already in peril as Gabon's government has suspended the domain . Announcing his decision, Gabon's Communication Minister Blaise Louembe said 'I have instructed my departments... to immediately suspend the site' in a bid to 'protect intellectual property rights' and 'fight cyber crime effectively.' Dotcom revealed through a tweet that he is in possession of an alternative domain name and that the recent suspension 'demonstrates the bad faith witch hunt the U.S. government is on.'"
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Gabon Suspends Domain, Dotcom Says "We Have Alternative Domain"

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  • by biodata ( 1981610 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2012 @10:14AM (#41906991)
    If I lived there I wouldn't be very pleased to know that another country pwned my government.
  • Time to go native? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by aaaaaaargh! ( 1150173 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2012 @10:18AM (#41907029)

    Wouldn't a native cross-platform app alleviate all these problems with domain names? Use a UDT based file transfer protocol with NAT traversal to connect to servers based on IP numbers that can be updated via bootstrap server or software update. Sure, at some point the user must download the app, but that would not be a big problem in this case, and afterwards the app can update itself. As a bonus you get huge perfomance benefits, at least if you do it the right way.

    Just an idea. All this fuzz about domain names, really makes you wonder why people are so obsessed with web-pages.

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