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Charles Carreon Drops Case Against the Oatmeal 107

Dynamoo writes "Charles Carreon has reportedly dropped his lawsuit against the creator of The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman. This bizarre lawsuit (dubbed a SLAPP suit by the EFF) kicked off after a dispute between Inman and which spun rapidly out of control. Perhaps Carreon has seen sense, but it turns out that there might be an even more bizarre twist in this tale."
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Charles Carreon Drops Case Against the Oatmeal

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  • What a waste of time (Score:4, Interesting)

    by mortonda ( 5175 ) on Wednesday July 04, 2012 @10:50AM (#40541643)

    For once I wash I had done the more common slashdot action and NOT read the article. How do people manage to become lawyers while maintaining the maturity of a preteen girl? (and by that I reference the ability to hold a meaningless grudge and carry it out to all kinds of extremes)

  • Nice (Score:5, Interesting)

    by canajin56 ( 660655 ) on Wednesday July 04, 2012 @11:06AM (#40541755)
    I especially like the way Mrs. rants about how obviously Inman is a murderer, or at least is morally indistinguishable from Jared Lee Loughner (the gunman in the 2011 Tuscon shooting) even if technically he hasn't shot anybody (yet). Because that's NOT defamation of character, unlike ranting about how much FunnyJunk drag their heels on removing copyrighted works, which is the most vile sort of slander imaginable.

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