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Nokia Seeks More Leverage In the Forever Mobile Patent War 70

ericjones12398 writes "Struggling cell phone manufacturer Nokia launched a recent attack in both German and U.S. courts, filing lawsuits against HTC, RIM, and ViewSonic, alleging a laundry list of infringements on 45 patents pertaining to mobile software and hardware. Nokia also filed a meaty complaint against HTC at the International Trade Commission in Washington requesting select mobile devices be banned from sale in the U.S. According to Louise Pentland, Nokia's chief legal officer, 'Nokia had to file these actions to end the unauthorized use of our proprietary innovations and technologies, which have not been widely licensed.' Chief among the ITC complaint was patent 5,570,369, a power saver designed for the GSM system and based on TDMA technology. Although, on the surface, '369 appears to have been tossed in the recycle bin with other 2G relics, the 1996 patent helps serve as a warning shot to competitors recycling Nokia's technology. At the same time it reveals a possible ulterior motive to stop Google's momentum. HTC seems to be straight in the crosshairs of Nokia's legal assault, with three relevant – and curious — phones singled out in the ITC complaint. HTC's Sensation 4G, Amaze 4G and Inspire 4G are all driven by Android. While similar phones based on the Windows Phone platform were missing from Nokia's accusations."
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Nokia Seeks More Leverage In the Forever Mobile Patent War

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  • Missing Story (Score:2, Interesting)

    by busyqth ( 2566075 ) on Saturday June 16, 2012 @01:57PM (#40345415)
    I was just going to post on the story "Single Day Exploits Largest Customer: U.S. Government", posted by timothy, and suddenly it wasn't there anymore.
  • Re:Sad... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 16, 2012 @03:31PM (#40345951)

    You want to know the real reason Nokia is failing? Because they jumped off the dock when the SS Windows Phone was just poise to sink anyway. Windows Phone is a pile of shit. Here's why:


    1. No true multitasking for 3rd party apps - they re frozen in the background.

    2. No Divx/Xvid video codec support. Zune will convert with loss of quality.

    3. No mass storage mode.

    4. No micro-SD card support.

    5. Only support up to 16GB storage .

    6. No filemanager. Directory system is totally opaque.

    7. Need Zune to transfer files. Zune will only transfer photos, videos & music. All other files need to email/upload to yourself.

    8. Your contact details are automatically uploaded to cloud service whether you like it or not.

    9. Limited to 800x480 resolution.

    10. Voice search is hardwired to Bing.

    11. Cannot use any MP3 file as ringtone except those with strict constraints.

    12. Cannot set static IP address so no connection to ad-hoc networks.

    13. No VPN support for this âoecorporate enterpriseâ phone.

    14. Cannot sync directly with Outlook without syncing to Cloud

    15. Totally closed OS, cannot sideload apps outside MS Marketplace.

    16. System font size cannot be changed.

    17. Images and photos cannot be renamed in the phone.

    18. Windows Live ID account cannot change country once set.

    19. No centralized notification page.

    20. Alarm clock cannot work when phone is turned off. All Nokia Symbian and Meego phones can do this.

    21. The idle screen is completely blank and cannot display time or notifications.

    22. Only photos allowed as email attachments, documents not allowed.

    23. No way to stream audio to the majority of car audio systems as the most common Bluetooth rSAP profile is not implemented.

    24. Cannot stream audio from video playback to Bluetooth devices as A2DP profile is not implemented.

    25. No support for full on-device encryption required for secure applications like mobile banking and online payment.

    26. Cannot use Bluetooth keyboard (no HID profile)

    27. Cannot silence ringtone or alarm by flipping the phone.

    28. Very limited customization option.

    29. Cannot be upgraded to WP8 (Apollo)


    30. No always visible status bar for battery life, signal strength, carrier ID, 2G/3G wi-fi, Bluetooth on.

    31. Taskmanager has no option to shut down apps you donâ(TM)t want running in the background.

    32. Search and Back button cannot be de-activated in apps or games and easily touched by accident which interrupt your user experience.

    33. Lockscreen need to be activated to show missed call/sms notification.

    34. No way to close an app except pressing back button all the way to the first screen.

    35. Tiny fonts in messages is very hard to read for those over 45.

    36. Cannot create and save playlists on the phone.

    37. Playlist can only be edited when you are playing it.

    38. Cannot search your music collection on the phone, only in the Marketplace.

    39. Cannot close music player, can only pause. Music player on lockscreen will stay until you reboot. Be careful not to touch it in a meeting.

    40. No draggable progress bar for current track playing and no indication which track in an album is currently playing

    41. Cannot lock screen orientation.

    42. Online and phone contacts are mixed together with no ability to filter.

    43. Search button in dialer does not search contacts for dialing, but search call history.

    44. Cannot save draft sms messages.

    45. Call history only show phone number type. If a contact has multiple phone nos. for a type the number used is unknown.

    46. Cannot recognize phone numbers in sms or email to save or use as calling number.

    47. Text messages can only be deleted

  • Re:Sad... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 16, 2012 @06:30PM (#40347113)

    So f***ing true.
    The n9 is STILL a better phone.

I've got a bad feeling about this.