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US Grabs More Domain Names, $1.4M From Online Counterfeit Operations 69

coondoggie writes "According to court documents, investigation by federal law enforcement agents revealed that subjects whose domain names had been seized in a November 2010 operation continued to sell counterfeit goods using new domain names. In particular, the individuals, based in China, sold counterfeit professional and collegiate sports apparel, primarily counterfeit sports jerseys." So now the government has again taken over a swathe of domain names used in crime.
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US Grabs More Domain Names, $1.4M From Online Counterfeit Operations

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  • Re:Problem? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Bacon Bits ( 926911 ) on Friday May 11, 2012 @09:06PM (#39975225)

    So if they sell stuff to other countries do they have to abide by their laws as well?

    Yes. Of course you do.

    What if those laws contradict each other.

    Then you probably can't do business in that country. There is no inherent right to do business, and no right to make a profit. If you can't do it within the bounds of the law, you can't do it.

    If an American company were to ship a sex toy to Saudi Arabia would it be okay for the Saudis to send an agent to chop off the hands of all of those responsible for shipping it? Or how about life in prison in a Saudi jail?

    They could request extradition, assuming the two nations have good relations and working treaties with extradition agreements. This type of thing can and has happened before.

    The US is treating US laws as though they are the laws of the world. They are not. The US government is only doing this because they can and probably due to corruption. Not because it is proper behavior.

    The US is treating properties which are located in the US as subject to US law, which is the natural right of any sovereign nation. Domain names, under the current DNS system, effectively reside in the US because they are managed by ICANN, an organization located in the US. That makes DNS digital property subject to US law.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 11, 2012 @11:39PM (#39976143)

    So according to ACTA promoters, counterfeiting is a $100 billion a year business, and yet these websites combined, resulted in seizure of only $1.5 million??

    "Under warrants issued by a U.S. District Judge, law enforcement agents seized $1,455,438.72 in proceeds that had been transferred from the money service business accounts to various bank accounts in China."

    I notice they included the decimal point in the story and the fraction which makes the number longer, but it is only $1.5 million, probably far less than the budget of the department investigating it, and certainly not worth crippling the world with censorship, surveillance etc.

    So can we now again have a proper assessment of the true damage counterfeiting is and stop this ACTA funny number nonsense??

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