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CarrierIQ Hires Former Verizon Counsel As Chief Privacy Officer 45

Trailrunner7 writes, quoting Threat Post: "Carrier IQ, a startup heavily bruised last fall by harsh criticism of its handset diagnostic software, today announced it's hired a high-profile lawyer as its Chief Privacy Officer. Magnolia Mansourkia Mobley, a CIPP and former Verizon executive, will be tasked with quickly broadening the company's focus on consumer privacy. She also was named the company's General Counsel. The company became the flashpoint in a heated controversy after initial reports its analytics software, embedded in some 150 mobile phones, was capable of gathering a great deal of personal data without the customer's consent."
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CarrierIQ Hires Former Verizon Counsel As Chief Privacy Officer

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  • by americamatrix ( 658742 ) on Wednesday May 09, 2012 @09:03AM (#39940313) Homepage
    Chief Privacy Officer. CPO. They really should just toss a 3 in the front!

    Haha, yesss 3-CPO!

    Ahh Star Wars :)

    • Chief Privacy Officer. CPO. They really should just toss a 3 in the front! Haha, yesss 3-CPO! Ahh Star Wars :) -americamatrix

      It's C-3PO, you insensitive clod!

      • How about...

        Chief Prodigiously Prudent Privacy Officer, or C-3PO for short.

        *ba-dah* *ba-dah* *tish*

      • Well C-3PO is trademarked, and I'm sure this guy is a corporate robot, so it's the same field...

        And this guy is there to broaden the companies focus on consumer privacy. Namely, their focus on violating that privacy as much as possible, without it becoming public knowledge.

  • by SirGarlon ( 845873 ) on Wednesday May 09, 2012 @09:04AM (#39940321)
    Putting a former Verizon executive in charge of customer privacy is like putting Bernie Madoff in charge of SEC compliance.
  • by betterunixthanunix ( 980855 ) on Wednesday May 09, 2012 @09:11AM (#39940383)
    They violated our privacy! Let's talk about it on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Shouldn't it be "embedded in some 150 mobile phone models"?
  • As I understand it, as shipped, CIQ wasn't too bad - the problem was that carriers were allowed to modify and extend it, and extend it they did such that it collected more information, and the user-accessible shutoff present in as-shipped CIQ software never was seen in a deployed phone.

    They can hire all the privacy lawyers they want - no one is ever again going to trust a carrier to implement their software properly, and any attempt to reinsert their software into a device WILL result in a shitstorm.

  • There is a german proverb for things like this: "Den Bock zum Gärtner machen" not sure if a proper analogy exists in English. (Rough translation "Making a goat your gardener", doesn't have the ring though)
  • I think their new legal counsel used to be a man, because Magnolia Mansourkia Mobley totally sounds like a sex change name. No real woman would use a name like that unless she has delusions of royalty or something.

  • alternative: customers, not carriers, get the keys to the kingdom. want them to diagnose dropped calls? click that button only. want them to follow your chemtrails? click that button.

    and don't install any other buttons, and don't check any other parameters in the phone.

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