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CISPA Sponsor Says Protests Are Mere 'Turbulence' 258

SolKeshNaranek writes with news that Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI), sponsor of CISPA, has decided to tempt fate by referring to the protests that are springing up as 'turbulence on the way down to landing.' From the article: "What really comes through in the article — which mostly talks about how Rogers has been supposedly working with Google to change some of the language in the bill to make it more acceptable -- is how little concern Rogers has for the public. Instead, most of the article just talks about how he's been working with tech companies to make sure they're okay with the bill. And while that's a start, it's no surprise that lots of tech companies would be okay with CISPA, because it grants them broad immunity if they happen to hand over all sorts of private info to the government. But to then call the protests mere 'turbulence' is pretty damned insulting to the actual people this will impact the most: the public, whose privacy may be violated."
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CISPA Sponsor Says Protests Are Mere 'Turbulence'

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 18, 2012 @02:18AM (#39720071)

    Why... why didn't you vote for Ron Paul...

  • by SchMoops ( 2019810 ) on Wednesday April 18, 2012 @09:39AM (#39722181) Homepage
    In other breaking news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. This has been Weekend Update with Chevy Chase.
  • by geohump ( 782273 ) <> on Wednesday April 18, 2012 @10:44AM (#39722821) Journal

    We don't need a new government. We need the old government. You know, the one of the people, by the people, and FOR the people? The one that had a constitution that said no torturing would ever be allowed. Where the constitution said the government could never arrest anyone without just cause and a warrant issued by a judge. Where no one could be searched (or wiretapped) without just cause and a warrant issued by a judge. The one where if the government did arrest anyone they could not be held incognito (disappeared) and had to be allowed access to their lawyers, visitors and family?

    You know, the one that used to be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    As for the parents comment that a revolution only puts extremist nutcases in power (what he really meant) :

    Yep, Just like, oh, I don't know... THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION ??

    Its time to save ourselves people. We need a new political party that doesn't follow the examples of any of the existing political parties. Not the republicans, or the democrats, or the libertarians or the greens.

    No government is ever perfect. The USA's older government had its problems too, corruption, discrimination and the like, but the current government has completely abandoned even the pretense of following the constitution and is becoming a totalitarian state. And it happened (is happening) under both the Bush and Obama administrations

    We need a political party that represents the original intent of the constitution: THAT ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL, AND THAT THIS DEMOCRACY SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THIS EARTH.

    The initial goals of this party would be:

    Step 1 - pass laws declaring that no company has the same rights as a human
    Step 2 - make lobbying by businesses illegal
    step 3 - make taking any gifts, no matter how small, even lunch, a felony for any law making representative, local, state, or federal.
    step 4 - make it illegal to pass any law that exempts any law making representatives,( local, state, or federal) from laws the rest of the population has to follow.
    step 5 - pass a law that says that any laws passed by any law making representative, (local, state, or federal) which increase the benefits (pay, health ins etc..) will not be applied to any of the reps in office at the time the law is passed. It will only be applied to the next rep to take that same office. So if a rep is in office at the time a salary increase is passed, they do not get that increase, Ever. Their pay and benefits are stuck at the level they were at when they entered office, except for any increase that wew passed before they got elected or appointed. Note that says "before elected or appointed" not "before taking office"
    Step 6 - pass a law which makes it illegal for anyone who gives or attempts to give a rep a gift or a bribe to ever own or run or manage a business or part of a business again in their lifetime.
    Step 7 - make quid pro quo exchanges a felony with a lifetime sentence.
    step 8 - form an auditing corp branch of government. These individuals must be willing to have every moment of their life recorded, be well paid, and will have the power to investigate anyone, or anything at anytime for any kind of corruption. They will have the power to ask for and immediately receive any information they ask for. And if they do not receive it, they have the power to bring in any branch of the military they need to enforce their requests.
    Step 9 - Remove all judges who cannot separate themselves from any childhood religious indoctrination from the Supreme court. Indeed, any Judge who cannot, should be immediately replaced by an Atheist (satan worshipping, baby eating etc.. ). Note - the vast majority of the US population is Protestant Christian. Why then does the the Supreme Court of all the land consist of 6 catholics and 3 jews? These people were all raised in religious cultures which indoctrinate them to polarized, extremeist, fantasy based views of reality. Examples - "God gave the country to us for our exclusive use! Even though most of us lef

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