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Jimmy Wales To Become UK Government Adviser 95

judgecorp writes "Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is to become a U.K. government adviser on open government. The unpaid post, announced at SXSW, will see him contributing ideas on issues including the single government portal open.gov.uk, among other things. Wales has been an outspoken critic of some government intiatives in the U.S., including the SOPA act on copyright — whose British counterpart, the DEA, is already law."
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Jimmy Wales To Become UK Government Adviser

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  • The DEA is not SOPA (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Brave Guy ( 457657 ) on Tuesday March 13, 2012 @12:30AM (#39335625)

    Not only is the DEA not SOPA, it was also pushed through under very dubious circumstances right before the last election (most MPs didn't even vote on it, never mind discuss it properly) and is subject to ongoing legal challenges on several counts.

    It's a silly bit of law, made on a technicality, but let's not get hysterical.

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