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India OKs Censoring Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo 146

An anonymous reader writes "An Indian court given the green light for the prosecution of '21 social networking sites.' The list features 10 foreign-based companies, and could affect websites provided by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and YouTube. The recent development is part of an ongoing argument between the companies and India over whether content should be regulated (read: censored) in the country. The approval was actually made on December 23, 2011, but was only revealed yesterday. India warned these websites it can block them just like China can."
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India OKs Censoring Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

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  • Re:Let them try (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday January 14, 2012 @11:40AM (#38697744)

    You see a guy dying on the street, and passers by will stop just to mull around and stare. Everyone will complain that someone should do something, but no one will consider calling the authorities or helping the poor chap to a hospital because the helper becomes the hunted in the eyes of the authorities.

    Sadly I've seen this first-hand. While travelling in India, I became very ill and began to fall down in the street in busy downtown New Delhi. No one stopped to help me (or even mull around and stare). The first two taxis I came to refused to take me to the hospital. When I finally got to a hospital, the doctor said that of course no one wanted to help me, because police would hit up any driver seen with a seriously ill foreigner for bribes.

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