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Australian Government Redacts Anti-Piracy Consultation Paper 56

First time accepted submitter coolstoryhansel writes "You might have heard the Australian Attorney-General published a consultation paper considering the implementation of a streamlined process of getting private information about subscribers from ISPs? Well perhaps not. The Attorney-General's Department have now apparently redacted that document, removing all mention of the controversial proposal, without telling anyone."
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Australian Government Redacts Anti-Piracy Consultation Paper

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  • by jonwil ( 467024 ) on Sunday October 16, 2011 @08:17PM (#37734262)

    The problem seems to be that the Attorney General (and other government ministers including the communications minister) are trying to do backroom deals with ISPs and copyright holders in order to do an end run around the need to get legislation through a potentially-hostile parliament.

    The content producers are basically telling governments all over the world that unless they "streamline" the methods used to target pirates (and by that they really mean "give us a way to sue people without that pesky step of needing to collect evidence that would hold up in court"), they will all go out of business. But that's total garbage, what they are REALLY worried about is that they will no longer be the "gatekeepers" of what people watch, listen to and consume.

  • Re:I wonder... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by jezwel ( 2451108 ) on Sunday October 16, 2011 @11:12PM (#37735154)

    Backlash made them rethink it? Or just pretending to go back on it, to reveal it all at the last moment again?

    From the update:

    The following statement has been received from the Attorney-General’s Department: The Safe Harbour consultation paper is currently on the AGD website. Comments are due by 22 November 2011. The Department is currently working on a number of copyright policy issues relevant to the digital environment. A draft document which incorporated other issues not included in the Safe Harbour review was mistakenly posted on the Departmental website. It was removed as soon as the error came to light. A clarification will be posted on the website. We believe that the ongoing departmental convened discussions between ISPs and content owners is currently the most appropriate forum to address these issues. The relevant page - with email address for submitting your feedback is here [].

    IMO they were caught out with too much detail and are now backpedalling

    At this time I think besides feedback to the AG, you could discuss this with your federal MP [] or even your senator [].

    Don't forget to give your opinion about the NBN!

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