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Dutch ISP Files Police Complaint Against Spamhaus 218

judgecorp writes "Dutch ISP A2B has filed police complaints against anti-spam project Spamhaus, calling its CEO 'nuts' and accusing him of blackmail. Spamhaus added all A2B's addresses to a spam blacklist, when A2B did not obey the letter of its demands in blocking a spammer."
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Dutch ISP Files Police Complaint Against Spamhaus

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  • by Nom du Keyboard ( 633989 ) on Thursday October 13, 2011 @01:47PM (#37704006)
    Spamhaus publishes their Opinion about who are spam problems. It's a lot like Slashdot posts, which are the various contributor's Opinions. You can individually choose to believe, or not believe, any post(s) that you wish. And other ISP's can choose to accept, or reject, Spamhaus's Opinions about who and where troublesome spammers are. An Opinion is a very long way away from the accusation of Judge, Jury, and Executioner and only a fool would have made that unwarranted leap.
  • by St.Creed ( 853824 ) on Thursday October 13, 2011 @03:46PM (#37705506)

    Not only that. I'll quote their entire policy:

    Disaster Free Hosting

    CyberBunker will keep your servers online "no matter what". Cyberbunker will protect your servers from hurricanes, earthquakes, crashing airplanes, (nuclear) bombs, floods and anything else that could interrupt the hosting of your servers. However the biggest threat usually is the hosting provider that takes your servers offline if they receive complaints from others. As long as your hosting fee is paid CyberBunker will do anything in its power to keep your servers up. In addition CyberBunker protects your servers also from others who might want to take your servers down like the DMCA, your competitors,authorities, burglars, governments and terrorists.

    Impenetrable Hosting Facility
    The CyberBunker data center is located in a nuclear bunker that was designed to survive a nuclear war. Even without war the bunker remains impenetrable. In 2007 City Hall accompanied by the local police and fire brigade made an attempt to enter the building without authorization. Their attempts were futile. City hall paid the for the damages caused by the hydraulic tools used by the fire brigade in an attempt to open the first set of blast doors. The doors were damaged but still closed. Even with the right access codes the doors still could not be opened anymore. In 2008 City Hall paid € 24500.- in damages to CyberBunker in order to get the doors operational again. There are 3 sets of blast doors, one set next after the other, on all entrances.

    Concealed Location
    The physical limitations to enter the building are not the only reason why customers choose to host their servers at CyberBunker. CyberBunker offers a unique routing system in order to confuse parties that are eager to discover the physical location of the servers. Many known and unknown customers use our services to have their servers online without revealing the actual location. Sometimes it happens that one of our customers is exposed by the media. e.g. see: TorrentFreak. And even then we are able find a suitable solution in order to conceal the location of the servers again.

    Anonymous Hosting
    Most of our customers desire to stay anonymous. In some cases we do not even know who our customers actually are. We have no idea and we simply do not care. Who ever you are, it is our business to keep you online.

    Mind Your Own Business
    CyberBunker does not poke around on your servers. Customers are allowed to host any content they like, except child porn and anything related to terrorism. Everything else is fine. CyberBunker has adopted a policy not to mind our clients business. Our famous "Mind Your Own Business" policy.

    Bold = my emphasis.

    This is an open invitation to spammers, neo-nazis, phishing scammers, botnet operators, usenet providers (teh binareez) and torrent servers (torrentfreak, notably) to come and play ball. It's their business model to protect the customer. Given their attitude, they're likely to be in quite hot water once one of their customers actually does run a childporn network or an assassination ring and it turns out in court that their business model is "we never ask questions".

    Anyway, I'm starting to understand the Spamhaus attitude: it's probably frustration.

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