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How Google Drove Samsung Away 231

itwbennett writes "The patent licensing agreement between Microsoft and Samsung this week set off a firestorm of childish tit-for-tat between Microsoft and Google. But more telling is what Samsung had to say about its relationship with Google: 'Samsung knows it can't rely on Google. We've decided to address Android IP issues on our own,' a Samsung official told The Korea Times. The only good news to come from all of this, says blogger Brian Proffitt, is that we may be headed for a courtroom showdown over just what patents Microsoft believes are in violation, which really is what should have happened to begin with." Update: 09/30 20:05 GMT by S : As it turns out, the so-called "Samsung official" cited by The Korea Times turned out to be patent blogger Florian Mueller.
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How Google Drove Samsung Away

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  • fuck you microsoft (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 30, 2011 @05:38AM (#37564696)

    Why not identify the patents Microsoft claims are being infringed upon, so that Android can remove alleged infringements

    Why is Microsoft allowed to extort money but not identify how their bullshit IP claims can be avoided?

    Why should Microsoft receive a bullshit tax on all Android sales when really they are full of shit and have proven time and time again, they will do whatever they believe they can get away with to fuck the world for their own personal profit!

  • by blarkon ( 1712194 ) on Friday September 30, 2011 @05:50AM (#37564750)

    The major manufacturers would have only come to terms with Microsoft if they came to the conclusion that in a drawn out court battle, Microsoft would win. Small parties have won against Microsoft in the past - we saw it with an XML decision recently - all of these firms that have signed up haven't done this because they are cowed by Microsoft's awesome juggernaughty power - they've done it because their lawyers have looked at what's on the table and said "best we go with that". You go to the barricades when you think you can win. You settle when you know you're going to lose.

    Where Google hung their partners out to dry was in asserting the fiction that patents don't matter and that under the current system you could get something (an advanced phone operating system) for nothing (no patent licensing fees). Google is full of smart people. They knew these issues were around Android. They could have sorted them out a long time ago if they had so chosen. But Google didn't go and fight that fight - if they had wanted to, they could have indemnified their partners and gone directly into battle with Microsoft on this issue. Instead the company chose not to.

    They've always had the war chest and could have tied Microsoft up in court for an eternity if they knew they were in the right. Instead they've let a situation develop where they are giving away an operating system for free that has their partners putting dollars into the pocket of a competitor.

    Talk about stifling innovation is cheap - if Google were serious about all of this they would have gone to the barricades on it. If they really believed in the rhetoric, they would have either gone down swinging or taken down the "patent trolls".

  • by Rockoon ( 1252108 ) on Friday September 30, 2011 @07:47AM (#37565242)
    In February 2009, Google licensed Microsoft's IP for their Google-branded phones. It is for this reason that Microsoft has chosen not to sue Google.
  • by TrueSpeed ( 576528 ) on Friday September 30, 2011 @11:13AM (#37567364)
    We already know the patents they're using. They're the same ones they used to try and shake down Barnes and Noble: [] [] [] [] [] They also demanded licensing fees that exceeded the cost of licensing WP7. They really are criminals.
  • Re:FUCK you MS (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Locutus ( 9039 ) on Friday September 30, 2011 @11:13AM (#37567372)
    read up on the Barnes & Nobel issue adn you will see that Microsoft is not stating what patents are infringing and goes into massive amounts of trickery to try and get the other party to sign an NDA binding them not to tell what's going on. This is a full on abuse of the patent system and a complete leverage of money and power to force vendors into giving Microsoft money and some control of their product.


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