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Obama To Sign 'America Invents Act of 2011' Today 244

ideonexus writes "President Obama will be signing the 'America Invents Act of 2011' into law today at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Va. The bill will transition America from a 'first-to-invent" to a 'first-to-file" country, but critics argue that the bill fails to address the more important problem that 'nobody can tell what a patent covers until they've spent months or years working it out, often in the courts.'"
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Obama To Sign 'America Invents Act of 2011' Today

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  • by bleh-of-the-huns ( 17740 ) on Friday September 16, 2011 @12:18PM (#37421470)

    I am not even going to get political here..

    What really pisses me off.. is that they closed down 395 between Alexandria and DC.. fortunately for me I took lunch at 11, when they were setting up the road blocks. I just missed being stuck in about 10 miles of stopped traffic and people walking around outside of their cars on 395.. a massive road.. and one of the main thoroughfares into and out of DC..

    You have a helicopter Mr President.. use the fucking thing and stop screwing up traffic that is already a mess in the first place...

    I saw the traffic on the way back to work from lunch.. with miles of backup, it being a Friday where rush hour starts early, usually around lunchtime, todays commute home is going to be an absolute nightmare..

    So Mr Pres.. thanks for fucking up the afternoon for about 500k drivers... (probably more)

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