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AT&T Responds To DoJ Lawsuit 140

An anonymous reader writes "Last week the Department of Justice filed an antitrust complaint to stop the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA. Now, AT&T has responded, arguing that the merger would benefit consumers by increasing competition and freeing up spectrum. 'That means increased output, higher quality service, fewer dropped calls,and lower prices to consumers than without the merger,' they say. Meanwhile, House Republicans have sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Attorney General Eric Holder asking for an explanation of 'what went into the decision to challenge the merger and whether the agencies considered the impact on jobs and economic growth.' A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 21."
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AT&T Responds To DoJ Lawsuit

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  • Re:Impact on jobs? (Score:4, Informative)

    by guspasho ( 941623 ) on Friday September 09, 2011 @06:08PM (#37357718)

    Why do republicans always side with large corporations?


  • Re:WHY (Score:5, Informative)

    by Pieroxy ( 222434 ) on Friday September 09, 2011 @06:53PM (#37358112) Homepage

    This! One thousand and two times this!

    No cable provider has a monopoly... across the US. But none has competition in its area. They're essentially mini-monopolies. Why do you think internet access sucks that much in the US? There is virtually no competition.

    When I lived there (2000-2004) I lived through 4 different places. In the SF bay area. I had to change providers everytime, and everytime I had no choice.

    In France, I can choose btw at least 8 providers in urban areas. Result? Free calls (>200 countries), free TV (100 channels), Unlimited internet (and trust me, it's uncapped and unthrottled) 20MB/2MB for 30€/month.

  • Re:Impact on jobs? (Score:5, Informative)

    by msoftsucks ( 604691 ) on Friday September 09, 2011 @07:07PM (#37358182)
    That's because the Repubs have been paid off by the big boys. They no longer represent you or me, they really represent corporate interests which have been bought out by all of that lobbyist money. They even managed to modify lobbying and financing laws to allow international companies to buy them off. To see how bad "your" representative has been bought off go here []

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