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The EFF Reflects On ICE Seizing a Tor Exit Node 252

An anonymous reader writes "Marcia Hofmann, senior staff attorney at the EFF, gives more information on the first known seizure of equipment in the U.S. due to a warrant executed against a private individual running a Tor exit node. 'This spring, agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executed a search warrant at the home of Nolan King and seized six computer hard drives in connection with a criminal investigation. The warrant was issued on the basis of an Internet Protocol (IP) address that traced back to an account connected to Mr. King's home, where he was operating a Tor exit relay.' The EFF was able to get Mr King's equipment returned, and Marcia points out that 'While we think it's important to let the public know about this unfortunate event, it doesn't change our belief that running a Tor exit relay is legal.' She also links to the EFF's Tor Legal FAQ. This brings up an interesting dichotomy in my mind, concerning protecting yourself from the Big digital Brother: Running an open Wi-Fi hotspot, or Tor exit node, would make you both more likely to be investigated, and less likely to be convicted, of any cyber crimes."
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The EFF Reflects On ICE Seizing a Tor Exit Node

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  • by betterunixthanunix ( 980855 ) on Friday August 26, 2011 @08:28AM (#37217560)
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If you are downloading child pornography across US borders, it falls under the jurisdiction of ICE. Of course, harassing Tor exit node operators should not fall under the jurisdiction of any agency, but in Soviet America, harassing service operators who are not registered corporations is what we do.
  • by Speare ( 84249 ) on Friday August 26, 2011 @08:30AM (#37217566) Homepage Journal

    Isn't ICE supposed to be dealing with illegal immigrants?

    While I decry ICE's decision-making process and think it's reaching beyond its authority, I think it's silly to say that TOR investigation is entirely outside of ICE's domain. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We still live in a USA where some software and data imports and exports are considered unlawful, whether it's controlled technology (cryptology, espionage, classified data) or the more pedestrian types like child pornography.

  • Re:Intimidation (Score:4, Informative)

    by dbet ( 1607261 ) on Friday August 26, 2011 @10:35AM (#37218758)
    Unfortunately, for both police and prosecutors, they don't get any pay raise, recognition, or good points on their record for letting innocent people get away.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 26, 2011 @10:46AM (#37218890)

  • by darthdavid ( 835069 ) on Friday August 26, 2011 @03:08PM (#37221824) Homepage Journal
    Communism means one thing and one thing only: the workers own the means of production. Citing a failed state that did just about everything wrong that it's possible to do wrong within a system no more disproves the value of communism that doing the same with a similar capitalist state would for capitalism.
  • by Mashiki ( 184564 ) <> on Friday August 26, 2011 @06:30PM (#37223658) Homepage

    Yeah. And people in positions of power in communist states never expand, consolidate, or take over said 'workers' who own production. In turn claiming that they're working, for the works, to strengthen them. How about the USSR, well I realize that's another failed state. Or Cambodia? China? Look at that, the blood of millions.

    So here's a family story. My mothers father was a farmer in the Ukraine. The government decides to take all of the food and livestocks that's been produced in order to give it to the central state. They leave him with 2 cows, and tell him he needs to have an additional 187 cows the following year. Which is what they took from him. Of course being that he didn't have it, they tossed him in a gulag for 25 years.

    I'm sure that the reality of those of us who had family suffer under the "justice" of communism, are just peachy with your idea. Right behind the mass starvation that the government caused. A communist state is a very nice wonderful utopian idea, that fails in reality because the communist system has no balances, or checks against the inherent greed of a person for power.

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