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Judge Dismisses Google's Complaint Over Android Code Viewing 87

CWmike writes "A U.S. trade judge has rejected Google's move to block the testimony of a Microsoft expert witness in the dispute with Motorola over patents allegedly used by Android. Last week, Google accused Microsoft of violating a confidentiality agreement struck between Microsoft, Motorola and Google in the ITC case. The judge rejected Google's motion on Monday. 'The ALJ [Administrative Law Judge] finds no basis to discern from Google's statement whether Google made a reasonable, good-faith effort to resolve the matter with Microsoft,' he wrote in his ruling."
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Judge Dismisses Google's Complaint Over Android Code Viewing

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  • Re:No standing? (Score:1, Informative)

    by chaboud ( 231590 ) on Wednesday August 17, 2011 @07:17PM (#37124442) Homepage Journal

    This could be, for instance, private keys for market signatures, etc. There are some bits that you show *nobody* if you want things to be even remotely secure.

    Microsoft did actually screw up on this one. There was a clear procedure for disclosure in this case. Google was supposed to have been notified in advance of the inclusion of a 3rd party and be given 10 days to object. That process was violated.

    Clearly, Google's lawyers don't play enough golf.

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