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China's 5-Year Cyberwar Met With Western Silence 185

jfruhlinger writes "McAfee yesterday outlined what it calls Operation Shady RAT, a five-year campaign of cyberespionage launched by a national government against international organizations and private corporations. That government was almost certainly China's, so the question becomes: why are the Western nations silent about it? One fact revealed by the raids is that, predictions of cyberpunk novels nonwithstanding, private companies are still quite weak in the face of national governments — and it's those national governments that must act against such intrusions."
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China's 5-Year Cyberwar Met With Western Silence

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  • by TimeOut42 ( 314783 ) on Friday August 05, 2011 @11:20AM (#36997094) Homepage

    Same misconception that people had in the 70's and 80's about Japan buying up America. Do some research before your spout off stats feed to you by the media.

    US and Individuals own: 42.2%
    Social Security Trust Fund: 17.9%
    All other foreign nations: 11.6%
    China: 7.5%
    US Civil Service Retirement Fund: 6.4%
    UK: 3.4%
    US Military Retirement Fund: 2.1%
    Oil Exporters:1.6%
    Brazil(?): 1.3%

    So, that means 68.6% if our debt is held by ourselves. []

  • by TimeOut42 ( 314783 ) on Friday August 05, 2011 @11:26AM (#36997178) Homepage

    No, sheesh, the West's combine economic output drawfs China's. They are, without a doubt, large, but they are not the largest economy in the world; they have the third largest, even then they aren't close. By most standards the US or EU GDP is nearly 3 times as high as China's. If China were to move forward and start paying their workers better they would move even further back. They can only sustain their growth as it is now by repressing their population and keeping them isolated. In this age that possibility is quickly eroding.

    Quit watching the news and do some real research.

  • by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968 AT gmail DOT com> on Friday August 05, 2011 @12:51PM (#36998010) Journal

    To quote a line from one of my favorite old movies 'ya know how they do this? Its because they fucking steal, they steal every idea that ain't nailed down" and in the end that is what most of this "cyber" bullshit is about, it is another classic case of sticking "On The Internet" to something that every single government has done for ages. let me give a few examples.

    My grandfather used to be posted on one of the USAF bases on the edge of West German territory and he used to laugh about how "If the Russians ever wanted to attack all they'd have to do is use a single plane with a bomb". why was that? because the guys had standing orders don't shoot if its a single plane because it was common knowledge we were offering a "bounty" on any Soviet aircraft that a defector could snatch so whenever a new model would come out, sure enough some pilot would take his and fly it straight to us. Sure the Russians bitched, sometimes we gave it back (after "inspecting' it of course) sometimes we didn't, but this let us know EXACTLY what they were up to behind the curtain.

    On the flip side the Russians paid good money to the Chinese for the USA Sidewinder missile. Apparently when they first came out we gave some to Taiwan who were getting their F86s stomped by the faster MiGs. One actually stuck in a plane but didn't go off and they managed to land it. According to Wiki after the wall fell they called that sidewinder "A university course in modern missile design" and the version they cooked up was so damned much a copy of ours you could interchange parts and the missile worked. but that is no surprise as they copied the B29 after we refused to give it to them on lend lease but had to set three down there after bombing runs over Japan. Again this gave the Soviets a BIG boost to their bomber design.

    Then you have the Israelis and the Mirage which they stole the plans to after the French hit them with an embargo to make the Nesher. And finally speaking of China they paid dirt farmers in Kosovo to go dig up the remains of our downed F117 which crashed there in the 90s so they could steal stealth technology, which they are using for their new stealth fighter.

    So while you will get a few like Israel and Stuxnet most of this stuff is gonna end up about theft, pure and simple. If you can steal your potential adversaries (or even allies, there have been cases of Israel snatching tech that the USA didn't sell) technology not only does that give you an idea of what to expect but depending on your own tech can give you a BIG boost without the R&D costs. Hell it has been going on for ages. I'm sure we are currently setting up some "cyber command and control" that will look good for the press, but it isn't like the CIA and NSA haven't been doing the same shit for years and years, they just don't go blabbing about it. But if someone in the BRIC comes up with some whiz bang new military tech you can bet your last dollar if they won't sell it to us we WILL have it, one way or another, and they'll do the same to us. that is just how the game is played.

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