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8GB of Data Stolen From Italian Cybercrime Unit 123

Orome1 writes "Evidence servers of the Italian National Anti-Cybercrime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNAIPIC) have been breached and some of their contents published by a group of hackers calling themselves 'Legion of Anonymous Doom,' who apparently got on board the AntiSec campaign. The group has made clear that its sitting on around eight GB of stolen data and that it plans to release it all."
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8GB of Data Stolen From Italian Cybercrime Unit

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  • Re:Hint (Score:5, Insightful)

    by fuzzyfuzzyfungus ( 1223518 ) on Tuesday July 26, 2011 @04:06AM (#36880884) Journal
    That can, and sometimes does, work with the 'bored kids poking stuff because they can' flavor of hackers; but is not obviously a winning strategy with more ideologically motivated ones:

    If somebody has nothing against you personally, a comparatively small amount of money, some positive social feedback, and the chance to not get sodomized in prison, can often turn them into a useful and productive security researcher.

    If somebody does have something against you personally, taking them onboard just means that you can be more or less certain that you have an insider threat, rather than it merely being a possibility, as before.
  • by Pieroxy ( 222434 ) on Tuesday July 26, 2011 @04:07AM (#36880888) Homepage

    They walked in, unplugged a USB key, pocketed it and walked out.

    Does that count as theft ? ;-)

  • by unity100 ( 970058 ) on Tuesday July 26, 2011 @04:12AM (#36880912) Homepage Journal
    In our time, the only ones not informed about their governments' doings are the citizens. this means, us. all the supposed enemies have capabilities to acquire information that is supposedly 'secret'. only, we, 'the people' dont.

    its high time we started to learn what is being done with our taxes.
  • by icebraining ( 1313345 ) on Tuesday July 26, 2011 @05:14AM (#36881170) Homepage

    This lasts longer - they get the attention due to the threat, and due to the actual release.

  • by 1s44c ( 552956 ) on Tuesday July 26, 2011 @08:01AM (#36881902)

    I really love the ergonomic excellence of this one [imgur.com]...

    "Yo. dudes, as a stopgap until you get get some sort of 3D gesture-based 'cyber-space' interface up and running, go find 6 or 8 of the l33t3st looking network monitoring programs, then run them all on a big screen at the front of the room, far enough away from all the operators that nobody can read any of the text without intense eyestrain..."

    This is an overfunded government department. That huge video screen exists to look high tech, make managers feel good and justify their huge budget for next year.

    If they had any sense they would buy two normal widescreens per desk and spend the savings on employing someone who can fix those nagios errors on the bottom right.

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