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Hacker Exposes Florida's Voting Database — Again 76

Dangerous_Minds writes "A hacker that goes by the name of Abhaxas exposed parts of the Florida voting database. That apparently didn't sit well with election officials. Reportedly, officials said that authorities were contacted and that their databases are now more secure than ever. In turn, Abhaxas decided to hack the database again and reveal a file directory. Said Abhaxas in the posting, 'Glad you cleaned things up, pretty secure now guys.'"
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Hacker Exposes Florida's Voting Database — Again

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 08, 2011 @06:06AM (#36692308)

    Most if not all of you will have heard something along the following lines...
    "I'm getting infected by a lot of viruses since you've installed an antivirus on my PC. I'm worried, how can I solve this problem?"

    How do you think these kind of people react to the recent hacking activities? I myself consider them to be at least a necessary evil, but the average Joe's mind will scream... these hackers are making our system unsecure, make them go away!

    The hackers are not making the system unsecure Joe - the system was unsecure to begin with. You're just being uncomfortable with the truth.

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