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Military and Government E-mails Compromised 132

Dangerous_Minds writes "ZeroPaid is reporting that 16,959 e-mail accounts were recently exposed by Connexion Hack Team. Included in the data dump are usernames and passwords for military and government accounts. The other compromised accounts included addresses from GMail, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL." Reader Stoobalou adds a report that NATO's servers have been hit for the second time in as many months.
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Military and Government E-mails Compromised

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  • by jmkaza ( 173878 ) on Tuesday July 05, 2011 @09:48PM (#36667928)

    These aren't email addresses with passwords to those accounts, they're the email address and password someone used to sign up for some random, unknown website. Without knowing what website, most of these combos are worthless. It might have been a hack of the server, but chances are it's just some DB (and not DataBase) admin who published his user list. If you're using the same email address to register for websites, make sure you don't use your password for that email address when you register.

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