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Survey Shows Support For New Privacy Laws 80

GovTechGuy writes "Two-thirds of consumers want the government to safeguard their privacy online and 81 percent want to add their names to a Do Not Track list, according to a May poll released Tuesday by Consumers Union. In addition, over 80 percent of respondents were concerned that companies may be sharing their personal information with third parties without their permission. The survey's release comes just one day before a Senate Commerce Committee hearing where lawmakers will hear testimony on three data privacy bills currently in front of the Senate."
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Survey Shows Support For New Privacy Laws

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  • by overshoot ( 39700 ) on Wednesday June 29, 2011 @08:18AM (#36609492)
    How many corporations are behind this? That's the only question that counts.
  • by retroworks ( 652802 ) on Wednesday June 29, 2011 @08:35AM (#36609620) Homepage Journal
    I'd volunteer to be put on a list of "false positives", records that I'd bought everything from women's shoes to AC/DC videos. Nature rarely designs invisibility, but camouflage is everywhere. If enough people got on a false positive list, creating false cookies and records and interests, wouldn't that have the same effect as privacy? And wouldn't it be cheaper? Seems like you could even have a program running silently in another browser clicking on interest in new cars, home mortgages, health care, etc. and it would confuse the hell out of the data collectors.

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