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Conficker Blamed In $72M Scareware Ring 28

tsu doh nimh writes with an update on the previously mentioned crackdown on scammers peddling fake antivirus products, who were apparently taking advantage of the worm that just won't go away: "Police in Ukraine said the thieves fleeced unsuspecting consumers with the help of the infamous Conficker worm, although it remains unclear how big a role the fast-spreading worm played in this crime. Interestingly, the picture showing the stack of PCs confiscated by Ukrainian authorities (SBU) in this raid is identical to the one shown in an SBU press release last fall, when the SBU detained five individuals connected to high-profile ZeuS Trojan attacks."
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Conficker Blamed In $72M Scareware Ring

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  • the governments they seem to be truly angry at and bring them down? I'm curious is there any virus or network that is exclusively targeting governments rather than average consumers that are ill informed or unfortunate to click and install some otherwise obvious infection?
    • by Luckyo ( 1726890 )

      These kinds of exploits hit people who don't update their computers, don't use firewalls and generally have no clue about security. Most government and corporate networks have corporate IT section that is very well prepared to fight such basic threats.

      Corporations and governments are hit by very different kinds of attacks (i.e. lulzsec, cyber war attacks, etc), which are specially tailored for each target.

  • Those 2 pictures are the same stacks, in the same room, just with the camera rotated 90 degrees ...

    • Those 2 pictures are the same stacks, in the same room, just with the camera rotated 90 degrees ...

      It's called recycling. They're just doing their part to help the 'green' effort. Though on /. I think we call it redundant or a dupe.

  • Conficker again? (Score:4, Informative)

    by Compaqt ( 1758360 ) on Saturday June 25, 2011 @08:35AM (#36567110) Homepage

    This a really nasty piece of malware that actually prevents you from reaching any security-related sites.

    This was also the impetus for my finally moving from XP to Ubuntu full-time.

    Word for the wise: after you run a standard battery of antivirus programs, you should also run conciller.exe [] . That's the only way to get rid of it for good. Otherwise it embeds itself into system files and re-emerges even after you apply a service pack.

    More here [].

    • Which begs the question This is is a well known malware . Every major antiviral software claims to detect and remove it. So either A) The anti-malware manufactures and those who market it are liars and Frauds. or B) people who get infected are Ignorant , stupid or lazy and just don't use good updated AV software . Which is it is it.?
      • well, it is not so well known if it gets regular updates and 'mutates'.
        made me move from samba to ftp.
        blocking 'security-related sites' is actually a good thing, so you know host is infected.
  • "Police in Ukraine said ..."

    The pictures they claim show evidence are the same as an earlier picture showing evidence against someone else. I think we can safely ignore whatever the police say, at least in this case.

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