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Canada Seeking Cyberspace Security Input 56

inflamed writes "The Canadian government has announced a consultation period concerning its secretive plans to 'integrate' the US-Canada border systems. Last on the list of topics for consultation, but foremost in importance, is the issue of cybersecurity. With the deadline looming (June 3), it is important that informed individuals take note of this consultation and give their opinions."
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Canada Seeking Cyberspace Security Input

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  • Now we have majority. So, sorry guys, but have plenty of time to respond. God bless them all....somehow.
    • by Jeremiah Cornelius ( 137 ) on Wednesday June 01, 2011 @09:17PM (#36315092) Homepage Journal

      Dear Canada,

      Suggestion #1.: There is no "cyberspace". This is techno-market-babble. Did you look at the security of telephony over the past 75 years as demanding a need for Canada to "secure voice-space?" Of course not. The notion is absurd. Be sure that this cyberspace usage is like other tautological misdirection - designed to empty your wallet.

      Now that you've considered our opinion on the matter, think to what other ends you could put this re-evaluation framework. What about examining the suspect logical underpinnings of a "War on Terror" or "Western Civilisation"? There no end to the money you could save by rejecting jingoisms of foreign-origin - and again have Canada serve the actual interests of real Canadians.

      Laszlo Toth

    • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

      It's not "Canadian Government" anymore. Remember, Harper has rebranded it the "Harper Government".

      All Government of Canada correspondence is supposed to say "Harper Government" instead. It's one of the last decrees before the election.

      Of course, one can generically refer to it as the government (no captial G) of Canada, since that's what the Harper Government is, but that's how the government is branding itself.

      Or it will be until the scandal happens (it's guaranteed). Then all vestiges will disappear myste

  • I, for one, propose that every citizen be handcuffed. You never know who might turn into a criminal! Also, euthanasia for anyone over 50.
    • poke out their eyes and wax plug their ears so they don't hear pirated materials...

      "Put in your earplugs, put on your eye shades, and you know where to put the cork!"

    • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

      So Canada is going radiate and grope, then of course the integration of Canada and the US is inevitable. You just have to consider the cyclic ice ages which have occurred over the last couple of million years, basically Canada gets buried underneath a pretty thick ice sheet year round. So it's just a matter of time before the southern states of the US get a whole bunch of northern migrants.

      It would seem that if Canadians want to protect their rights and public services they need to become more involved i

      • Wait, did you just watch An Inconvenient Truth or something? How much kool-aid did you drink today?
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Your suggestion, like every other opinion given through that site, is just going to end up in the trash anyways.

      They'll say "we consulted with Canadians" and then go and do whatever they wanted to in the first place.

  • Now just abolish the CRTC, get rid of the oligopoly and we're good to go.

  • FTA:

    Since then, officials from the two countries have been working behind the scenes on the details. The purpose of the negotiations is to establish an "action plan" on border security aimed at tightening protection against terrorists and easing the flow of cross-border traffic.

    Last time I checked, our northern brethren aren't the ones causing the problems. Oh and if you're really interested in some BS, look a how the ATF encouraged [] fire-arms sales to the drug cartels. And how Mexico is basically New Afghanistan, with all sorts of fun brewing there. We're so worried about airport security, when behind our backs the terrorist cells are clamoring to proverbially hop the fence--they know the Fed isn't guarding it. Or maybe I'm just wrong and being a racist.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    %^@% Harper government. All of the worst ideas Canada has implemented over the past decade have all been second-hand from the USA. Yes, I want the government to give our sovereignty away, grope or radioactively strip-search it's citizens without the slightest hint of cause, and the ability to confiscate all electronics for indefinite periods for those who have the audacity to see the outside world.
    %^@% Harper government.

  • Does the term "informed individual" include the people actually making the decision?

    Because if so, we're kind of screwed...

  • Seriously, this is a good time to get the western users over to IPv6. From there, it is easier to secure a system since most will have their own IP address. THat does not mean that it is secured, just easier than dealing with NAT.
    • Switch to IPv6, run official government firewalls with address translation that block known hostile addresses. Auto block all external emails containing canadian internet addresses as return address (spoofing). Keep all critical infrastructure on private networks with no internet connection (or read only to allow reports to be emailed).
  • So what? Canada can't even keep out 492 Tamil illegals even when given 30 days notice they are coming. Maybe the Americans can show Canadian Border Services to do more than collect GST.
  • by Kamiza Ikioi ( 893310 ) on Thursday June 02, 2011 @06:07AM (#36317592)

    I read border and cyber security, but it all looks like blah-blah-DMCA-blah-blah-Patriot Act-blah blah. This is a smoke screen. There's no Canadian/US boarder problem. There's only a CMPDA/MPAA & CRIA/RIAA [] problem. Oh yeah, and we gotta git d'em turrists with a stronger North American wide Patriot Act!

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