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Paul Allen's Lawsuit Patents To Be Reexamined 57

eldavojohn writes "Last year Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen filed suit against eleven tech companies citing patent infringement on four of his patents. Groklaw has followed up with some interesting documents that reveal three out of the four have already been granted a reexamination by the USPTO with the fourth still pending."
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Paul Allen's Lawsuit Patents To Be Reexamined

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  • by gavron ( 1300111 ) on Saturday May 28, 2011 @09:41PM (#36277072)

    Sometimes I take pride in the /. community. The people who post here show clear and decisive understanding of the issues.

    Sometimes I see this thread, which as of 201105290137z shows two sets of comments:
    1. A lack of understanding of USPTO patent re-examination process
    2. Trolls about groklaw being done

    With all due respect, and whether or not groklaw is done (it's not), the USPTO re-examination is the beginning of the end for ex-MS-troll Paul Allen's world domination. Whether you agree with software patents or not (I don't), the patents on the face of it will not survive due mostly to prior art. After prior art there are issues of non-patentable material, and methods, but I doubt it will get that far.

    Consider this one man saying "BOO" to those of you who instead of addressing the issue from a seat of knowledge are either taking potshots at groklaw or have no understanding of the USPTO process. If you're from another country... I'm sorry the US system is different than yours.

    Tucson AZ US

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