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Jeff Bezos Calls Sales Tax Requirements On Amazon Unconstitutional 623

Steve1960 writes "Amazon.com chief Jeff Bezos says the online retailer won't collect tax from most of its 90 million customers until Congress clearly mandates it. Although a growing number of states are demanding that Amazon collect and remit tax on sales within their borders, such demands are 'interference in interstate commerce' and prohibited by the Constitution, Bezos said."
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Jeff Bezos Calls Sales Tax Requirements On Amazon Unconstitutional

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  • So eliminate all exemptions for those above a certain income. No overseas stashes, no lower capital gains rate, no nothing. Attempt to hide or underdeclare a significant amount of income, you pay triple and do time.

    Oh, you'd prefer to have a "residence" in Bermuda, would you? Enjoy your trip! Just sure you keep paying every nickel of your taxes from there, too. Traveling abroad remains much more pleasant if your passport doesn't get revoked with a wanted felon watch on it.

    Those who have benefited most greatly from society can damn well pay most greatly for its upkeep. If they try to evade, society has every right to turn on them. No more accepting this "They'll duck it anyway, who cares?" If that's the case, get them to quit ducking it. Multibillionaires are notorious for demanding government handouts, but I imagine they'll draw the line at getting a mandatory vacation at Uncle Sam's expense for a few years, and they'll pay their damned taxes. They'll screech, but they'll pay.

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