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New Bill Would Require US ISPs To Retain User Info 132

Wesociety writes "The House Judiciary Committee, lead by Rep. Lamar Smith, is preparing a bill which would require internet service providers to retain information about their users to aid in criminal investigations. This particular bill would be a smaller part of a large measure to strengthen sanctions against acts such as child pornography. The most interesting part of this bill however is not who it targets but rather who it does not. The bill would make wireless companies exempt from the requirement to store user data." Declan McCullagh gives a fuller report at CNET. Update: 05/14 00:35 GMT by T : Note: Smith has yet to release the text of the current bill, but it seems an easy bet it will have much in common with his similar-sounding legislative push in 2007, which resulted in the unsuccessful SAFETY Act of 2009.
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New Bill Would Require US ISPs To Retain User Info

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  • by Ingenu ( 2127512 ) on Friday May 13, 2011 @08:15PM (#36123568)

    Its not just about the RIAA.

    Just wait until the rules change and they have retroactive data so can arrest you for what you did a year ago that is now illegal.

    Ex post facto laws are generally unenforceable. Beware of the day, however, where an ex post facto law makes ex post facto laws legal.

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