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Pirate Party of Canada Promises VPN For Freedom 98

An anonymous reader writes "The Pirate Party of Canada has announced that it will extend a VPN originally set up to allow people in Tunisia to browse freely while internet censorship was imposed there. Canada may soon be added to that list since the ruling Conservative Party has vowed to introduce a bill that would provide unprecedented systematic interception and monitoring of Canadians' personal communications. So the Pirate Party of Canada has announced it will extend that service to Canadians."
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Pirate Party of Canada Promises VPN For Freedom

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  • More info (Score:5, Informative)

    by a whoabot ( 706122 ) on Saturday April 23, 2011 @09:53AM (#35914382)

    The Conservatives Commitment to Internet Surveillance []

    Interestingly: "None of this is to say the Liberals would be any better. They introduced their own lawful access package many years ago and the reaction of MPs like McTeague in 2009 was "what took you so long." The Liberals point to protection from digital threats in their platform, but do not specifically discuss lawful access. They should be asked about where they stand now (so too for the NDP which marshalled opposition in 2009)."

    Looks like NDP are the ones to support on this issue.

  • by davecb ( 6526 ) <> on Saturday April 23, 2011 @11:03AM (#35914752) Homepage Journal

    First mention of bundling "lawfull access" (aka monitoring) and crime bills for passage within 100 days. []

    Link to Conservative platform containing the promise []
    Search for "100 days"

    Subsequent comments: []

    "The first prong mandates the disclosure of Internet provider customer information without court oversight. Under current privacy laws, providers may voluntarily disclose customer information but are not required to do so. The new system would require the disclosure of customer name, address, phone number, email address, Internet protocol address, and a series of device identification numbers.

    While some of that information may seem relatively harmless, the ability to link it with other data will often open the door to a detailed profile about an identifiable person. Given its potential sensitivity, the decision to require disclosure without any oversight should raise concerns within the Canadian privacy community.

    The second prong requires Internet providers to dramatically re-work their networks to allow for real-time surveillance. The bill sets out detailed capability requirements that will eventually apply to all Canadian Internet providers. These include the power to intercept communications, to isolate the communications to a particular individual, and to engage in multiple simultaneous interceptions."

  • Re:PPoC is a joke (Score:4, Informative)

    by psema4 ( 966801 ) on Saturday April 23, 2011 @01:00PM (#35915550) Homepage Journal

    Hi Billco. I'm a member of PPCA (PPoC was dropped as the acronym quite some time ago) and would like to address a couple of your concerns;

    First, most of the time the IRC channels are full of unstructured discussion - but not always. We have structured meetings on a regular basis as well, something that has improved in the last few months. As we development continues on our meeting bot, it'll get better.

    Second, we're a young party in Canada and many of us are not professional fund raisers, political science majors, or lawyers. We don't have a war chest, so throwing around what money we do have isn't something we want to do in a wanton fashion. I'm sure that as we grow and attract those with backgrounds (hint, hint) that include these skills, we'll be able to do the "usual political song-and-dance."

    Outside of our core concerns, our "party line" (if you will) is to make sure that we represent local constituents the way they want to be represented. Not promise things we can't deliver.

    At first, I was somewhat taken aback by your tone and perspective... A look at the big red warning your about page on help me understand though. Maybe you'd be up to stopping by IRC in the future and looking me up? I'd be happy to discuss your concerns further.

    - Scott (PPCA Clerk)

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