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Pirate Party of Canada Promises VPN For Freedom 98

An anonymous reader writes "The Pirate Party of Canada has announced that it will extend a VPN originally set up to allow people in Tunisia to browse freely while internet censorship was imposed there. Canada may soon be added to that list since the ruling Conservative Party has vowed to introduce a bill that would provide unprecedented systematic interception and monitoring of Canadians' personal communications. So the Pirate Party of Canada has announced it will extend that service to Canadians."
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Pirate Party of Canada Promises VPN For Freedom

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  • by unity100 ( 970058 ) on Saturday April 23, 2011 @08:35AM (#35914058) Homepage Journal
    See, non-conservative parties also perpetrate shit. but, they do not take their filth perpetrating and public-enemyness to a level of 'vowing' for something that is so anti-people.

    but you cant go wrong with conservative. they will even vow to take away your freedoms and do not flinch in the process. if you challenge them, they will say they are doing the right thing.

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