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Chinese Censors Crack Down on Time Travel 154

H_Fisher writes "Disrespect the Chinese government at your peril ... and this includes anything you do with the past. Time magazine's Techland blog reports that China is banning references to time travel which are disrespectful to the nation's culture and history. No word on whether this includes a travel ban on time lords."
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Chinese Censors Crack Down on Time Travel

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  • by cosm ( 1072588 ) <thecosm3@gmaNETBSDil.com minus bsd> on Wednesday April 13, 2011 @07:48PM (#35813544)
    Another Samzenpus FacePalm. The /. title is seriously misleading. FTA:

    With the way things are run, the state controls and monitors everything shown on your television or your computer. So yeah, China can randomly go back in time and say Marty McFly never existed. Scary, huh? The Doc would be furious. Fortunately, that's not what they're saying. But somehow the government has taken a sudden disliking to the idea of distorting certain historical events, things and people. (Cough.) ....The decision was made earlier this month, with the country's State Administration for Radio, Film & Television stating that "The producers and writers are treating the serious history in a frivolous way, which should by no means be encouraged anymore." What's wrong with these shows? They “casually make up myths, have monstrous and weird plots, use absurd tactics, and even promote feudalism, superstition, fatalism and reincarnation.”

    So time travel comes in because the article decided to link the concept of time-travel to television and movies that convey alternative histories (Which, to the pedants, can include time-travel). But it the main theme discussed is regarding misrepresenting history. Nowhere does it say sitting in your back-yard and working on that warp-drive is verboten. It seems to me they want to cut down on media that strays from the government dictated and allowed 'historical context'. Far from a ban on time-travel. Censorship...Yes...Sensationalist...Unfortunately.

  • by D H NG ( 779318 ) on Wednesday April 13, 2011 @08:35PM (#35813782)
    Actually, this is not just the article singling out time travel. According to The New York Times [nytimes.com], the original government report [sarft.gov.cn] does single out TV dramas that involve characters traveling back in time.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 13, 2011 @09:55PM (#35814138)

    Of course, it doesn't help if TFA is also totally wrong.
    Chinese text from the original announcement:

    If you understand Chinese, it doesn't mention time travel or history at all. The confusion comes from the term , when used in certain context, can mean time travel. But in general it just means travel to a different world. In the context here, it means to travel to a mythological world.

    The are no mentioning of bans neither, it's just the dudes at State Administration for Radio, Film & Television doesn't like this particular show because it doesn't match their values and tell people to make better ones.

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