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FBI Overwhelmed With 'Solutions' To Encrypted Note 137

An anonymous reader writes "Recently the FBI asked for the public's help in solving the encryption in a note linked to a man's murder. Well, they got so much 'help' it has overwhelmed the agency's phone and email systems. Dan Olson, chief of the FBI's Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU), urged potential code-breakers to send their tips via mail rather than sending emails or flooding phone lines. 'We don't have the bandwidth to handle the emails we're getting,' Olson told on Thursday. 'We're getting a bunch [of responses].' Suggested solutions range from a list of the dead man's medication schedule to instructions from a computer repair technician: 'He is speaking to a computer tech on how to fix his computer,' one message read."
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FBI Overwhelmed With 'Solutions' To Encrypted Note

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  • by Chris_Stankowitz ( 612232 ) on Saturday April 02, 2011 @08:33AM (#35693040)

    How is it easier to handle snail mail than it is e-mail? How does one grep snail mail for starters?


  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 02, 2011 @11:37AM (#35693668)

    how many FBI agents does it take to hook up a 2TB hard drive?.......One to fill out the requisition, one to process the requisition, one to disapprove it, one to resubmit with proper justification, one to approve it, one to disapprove it for lack of funding, one to resubmit with justification and cost savings description, one to approve it, one to note that the request wasn't on FBI letterhead, one to retype and resubmit, one to be reassigned to some task force, one to note that last year's funding line to which the request was allocated has now expired, one to disapprove because the IT department didn't sign off on the requisition, one to audit everyone for mishandling of funds and budget, ......... and one to finally get fed up, shell out the money from his own pocket, and just freaking do it.

    Total cost to FBI = $236k in manpower and paperwork. total result = NOTHING.
    Total cost to individual agent = under $100 on Amazon and his wife and kids have to eat more macaroni and hot dogs for a couple of weeks.

    Want to shave $ billions off the cost of federal government. Fire everyone in a "management" position inside the Beltway except the director. Allocate half the savings to pay raises and bonus pools for the lowest level employees. Hint: the ones who actually do the work.

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