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How Big Data Justifies Mining Your Social Data 102

GMGruman writes "Paul Krill reports that one of the big uses of the new "Big Data" analytics technology is to mine the information people post through social networking. Which led him to ask 'What gives Twitter, Facebook, et al. the right to mine that data?' It turns out, users do when they sign up for social networking services, even if they don't realize that — but less clear is the ownership of other information on the Web that these tools also mine."
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How Big Data Justifies Mining Your Social Data

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  • by WillAffleckUW ( 858324 ) on Thursday March 10, 2011 @07:24PM (#35448572) Homepage Journal

    Canadian citizens have a right to Privacy that is stronger.

    Regardless of what the American lawyers for these companies tell you, it's in the Canadian Constitution.

    And, for that matter, EU citizens also have stronger Rights in these regards, especially in terms of data sharing.

    Just because a lawyer tells you something, doesn't make it true - my family is full of lawyers and lots of my friends are lawyers or judges too.

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