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US Justice Department Dug Up Reporter's Phone, Bank Records 217

tripleevenfall writes "A court filing provides new details about the extraordinary measures Justice Department prosecutors are using to identify government leakers. Prosecutors obtained a suspect's telephone, credit and bank records. Lucy Dalglish, of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press said, 'This tells us the Obama administration will do almost anything to figure out who is leaking government information.'"
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US Justice Department Dug Up Reporter's Phone, Bank Records

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 26, 2011 @11:29PM (#35328178)

    I seem to remember Bush getting railed all the time for just about anything

    You remember wrong. Nobody asked Bush any of the important or difficult questions, especially when they should have and it may have made a change. From the start, Bush got a free ride - and the Republican noise machine took care to drown any questions, and to paint all dissenters as un-American, traitors or worse.
    Here are just a few examples (we could easily find hundreds more): Bush's whole budgeting was based on the projection that the economy will continue growing forever as it had during the Clinton years; however, when the economy tanked in 2000, nobody asked why he doesn't have a plan B, and why does he continue with his tax cuts. When he doubled the deficit, nobody asked him what he plans to do about it - Cheney even famously said "Deficits don't matter", and nobody challenged him. Nobody asked why it's a good idea to divert resources to Iraq instead of using them to get Osama and destroy Al-Quaeda when there was a chance. Nobody asked where the famous weapons of mass destruction are, nor did they ask why Bush and his cabinet pressured analysts, distorted facts and wilfully ignored all the information about the real situation in Iraq. Nobody asked him to resign when it was shown he had lied to America and the world about the WMDs, and he had pushed the country into the longest and probably the most expensive war it ever got into. Nobody asked why he's naming incompetent but loyal Republican cronies to handle the administration of the conquered countries, leading to the complete current mess America still pays for. Everybody on Slashdot is probably aware of the FISA court issues, but nobody asked Bush why is he breaking the laws of the nation and the constitution he'd sworn to uphold,
    And it goes on, and on; what amazes me the most is that there still are people ready to defend him even after all the outrageous stuff he did.

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