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Big Brother Friends Facebook 82

storagedude writes "Clara Shih, who created the first business app on Facebook in 2007, is back with a new venture: Hearsay Social, which makes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn more palatable to corporations by adding features like SEC and FINRA monitoring and compliance and analytics. Conversations are monitored around the clock, regardless of where employees access pages from — work, home or mobile — and workflow tools let companies approve or suggest content before it appears. Those features appear to be making financial companies a little more comfortable Facebooking, as State Farm and Farmers Insurance are two early customers. Shih is backed in the new venture by veterans of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube."
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Big Brother Friends Facebook

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  • Re:Oh Yeah... (Score:4, Interesting)

    by imakemusic ( 1164993 ) on Friday February 04, 2011 @09:28AM (#35102700)

    Employees are expected, while on the clock, to present a positive image of the man paying them cash.

    Conversations are monitored around the clock, regardless of where employees access pages from — work, home or mobile —

    And now while off the clock, apparently.

  • Re:Wrong summary? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Jarnin ( 925269 ) on Friday February 04, 2011 @09:31AM (#35102714)

    Shih said the service is particularly well-suited to companies that have franchises and branch offices that want to provide a local flavor to their Facebook content, but also must comply with corporate rules and leverage content from corporate and other users in the system.

    In other words, they get to approve all comments made on not only their facebook page, but any of their local franchises, or the local users of those franchises. So if I go to my local McDonalds and get crappy service and decided to later post that on the local McDonalds facebook page, the corporate office AND the local franchise would have to approve my message before it was displayed for others to see.

  • by AchilleTalon ( 540925 ) on Friday February 04, 2011 @10:35AM (#35103148) Homepage
    You forgot to mention it is all about gathering personal information on customers rather than just communicating with them. Unless you consider communication is a one-way thing. Companies with a Facebook page can pump all about you from your profile and knows about your friends and possibily more depending on how you manage your personal info.

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