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AMBER Alert Partners With Facebook 205

wiredmikey writes "The AMBER Alert program, credited with the safe recovery of 525 children across the country, has a new ally today: Facebook. Facebook users are able to sign up to receive AMBER Alert bulletins for their state which will be sent to them through the Facebook 'News Feed' feature. An estimated 800,000 children are reported missing every year. AMBER Alert is a voluntary partnership involving law-enforcement agencies and broadcasters. The new Facebook AMBER Alert pages represent an important expansion of the secondary distribution system and will enable AMBER Alerts to dramatically increase the reach of and impact of these life-saving bulletins."
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AMBER Alert Partners With Facebook

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  • Low success rate? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by betterunixthanunix ( 980855 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @03:57PM (#34852832)
    525 children in total...when 800000 are reported missing each year? I think this program is going to need more than Facebook...
  • by devxo ( 1963088 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @04:02PM (#34852908)
    That's still 525 children, and they're exactly doing what they should - increase their exposure, currently via Facebook. But since you seem to have better ideas, do suggest them.
  • by Frosty Piss ( 770223 ) * on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @04:17PM (#34853172)
    Indeed, the "Amber Alert" program is very much like the DARE program: Huge amounts of money are tossed at it, yet not only is their "success rate" tiny, but the program itself has serious political problems. Like DARE and its questionable association with the "War On Drugs", the Amber Alert program is seriously in bed with the Man Hating Feminist movement.
  • by icebike ( 68054 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @04:32PM (#34853382)

    Children include anyone under 18. About 73 million in the US fall into that category.

    Every sullen teenager that runs off and is reported "missing" is not abducted.

    Most of those 800000 come slinking home (or at least report in) months or years later.

  • by ae1294 ( 1547521 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @04:33PM (#34853388) Journal

    That really doesn't sound like human compassion to me...

  • by Locke2005 ( 849178 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @05:00PM (#34853794)
    Wait... so more than 1% of American children are reported missing each year? Why haven't I heard of a single incident of any of the hundreds of kids I know of being reported missing? Your child stands a much higher chance of getting injured riding in the car with it's parents than of being abducted.
  • by jellomizer ( 103300 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @05:01PM (#34853806)

    Being inefficient with tax payers money for a system that barely works, is not compassion. Could the money used used be put into an other program that could retrieve even more children. Like say 500,000 a year. I could buy an iPad to keep my face dry when it is raining. or I can get an umbrella for a lot less and it will do a better job.

  • by betterunixthanunix ( 980855 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @05:36PM (#34854322)
    Actually, it is not a result of poisoning the data; AMBER alerts almost always fail in cases of children being abducted by people who plan to harm or kill them. The authors basically say that the success rate of AMBER is inflated by the inclusion of custodial cases, and that if those cases are excluded AMBER has a success rate that is nearly 0. AMBER has not actually augmented traditional police techniques in any meaningful way; in cases where traditional investigative methods fail, AMBER fails as well.
  • by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968@gm ... minus herbivore> on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @07:04PM (#34855436) Journal

    Exactly, we have turned childhood into a siege mentality. When I was a kid once school let out you would walk across the street to the little food mart, not having to worry about traffic because somebody's mom or grandma was crossing guard that week, grab a coke or a bag of chips and laugh and talk for awhile. Then those that were within walking distance did so while those of us that weren't got picked up in the parking lot by a relative after they inevitably went into the store for some little something they forgot.

    Now at both the elementary and middle school they have had to add another lane in both directions at great expense because the lines of cars were literally going back for miles, you have armed police with cruisers at BOTH exits at BOTH schools acting as security and crossing guards, again at great expense I'm sure. And finally the kids can't even interact with each other because they have to be kept single file to speed up delivery in order to keep the traffic flowing, and of course the number of kids being fat is getting nuts because the parents would rather have them playing the X360 than going outside where the bogeyman might snatch them.

    Now it is pretty obvious to anyone with eyes the paranoia is doing more harm than good. The kids don't get enough time to socially interact anymore which sure isn't good for them mentally or emotionally, they don't get enough exercise because the constantly "Look out! They are after you!" atmosphere created by things like Amber alerts keeps the parents edgy enough they'd rather just let the kid sit at home in front of the TV or console, which in turn makes for a whole lot of fat kids which at that age is horrible for your health. It is any wonder things like juvenile diabetes and obesity is through the roof? Kids aren't even allowed outside anymore!

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