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Mobile Users More Vulnerable To Phishing Attacks 92

Orome1 writes "Trusteer recently gained access to the log files of several web servers that were hosting phishing websites. Analyzing these log files provided visibility into how many users accessed the websites, when they visited them, whether they submitted their login information, and what devices they used to access the website. As soon as a phishing website is broadcast through fraudulent email messages the first systems to visit it are typically mobile devices. Most fraudulent emails call for immediate action. For example, they usually claim that suspicious activity has been detected in the user's account and that immediate action is required. Most victims who fall for this ploy will visit the phishing site quickly."
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Mobile Users More Vulnerable To Phishing Attacks

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  • Re:iPhone phishing (Score:4, Interesting)

    by philj ( 13777 ) on Tuesday January 04, 2011 @01:57PM (#34755984)

    iPhone users are 8 times more likely to engage phishing websites than Blackberry users. iPhone users account for 26% of the mobile market, Blackberry is 36%. .

    I imagine this is because most Blackberrys are corporate phones and the phishing emails will never reach their corporate mailboxes in the first place.

    iPhone users on the other hand will be more likely to use hotmail/yahoo mail etc, which aren't as good at removing such mails, making the percentage of emails delivered to the device higher, hence the number of phishing website click-throughs higher.

    Just my thoughts, based on no data.

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