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The Golden Hour of Phishing Attacks 59

Orome1 writes "Trusteer conducted research into the attack potency and time-to-infection of email phishing attacks. One of their findings was that 50 per cent of phishing victims' credentials are harvested by cyber criminals within the first 60 minutes of phishing emails being received. Given that a typical phishing campaign takes at least one hour to be identified by IT security vendors, which doesn't include the time required to take down the phishing Web site, they've dubbed the first 60 minutes of a phishing site's existence is the critical 'golden hour.'"
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The Golden Hour of Phishing Attacks

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 02, 2010 @10:40AM (#34416850)

    I'm pretty well convinced that google already does this with spam but they don't have a "report scam" button (unfortunately.)

    Gmail does, in fact, have a "report scam" button. Click the menu button to the right of "Reply" in any message to "Report phishing." Done.

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