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Deep Packet Inspection Set To Return 125

siliconbits passes along this quote from a Wall Street Journal report: "'... two US companies, Kindsight Inc. and Phorm Inc., are pitching deep packet inspection services as a way for Internet service providers to claim a share of the lucrative online ad market. Kindsight and Phorm say they protect people's privacy with steps that include obtaining their consent. They also say they don't use the full power of the technology, and refrain from reading email and analyzing sensitive online activities. Use of deep packet inspection this way would nonetheless give advertisers the ability to show ads to people based on extremely detailed profiles of their Internet activity. To persuade Internet users to opt in to be profiled, Kindsight will offer a free security service, while Phorm promises to provide customized web content such as news articles tailored to users' interests. Both would share ad revenue with the ISPs. Kindsight says its technology is sensitive enough to detect whether a particular person is online for work, or for fun, and can target ads accordingly."
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Deep Packet Inspection Set To Return

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  • by rsteele19 ( 150541 ) on Friday November 26, 2010 @06:58PM (#34353722) Homepage

    I read the headline and assumed this would be another story about the TSA's screening procedures...

  • by MightyMartian ( 840721 ) on Friday November 26, 2010 @07:03PM (#34353762) Journal

    The difference is subtle. The TSA scanners scan your penis, Phorm's scanners scan you scanning other peoples' penises.

  • Beleaguered Internet advertising phirm Phorm is hitting back at critics with StopPhoulPlay.com, in an attempt to lure Internet activists into herniating from laughter.

    "It is clear that the campaign against Phorm originates in the sinister manipulations of Alex Hanff and Marcus Williamson," said Kent Ertegun, CEO of Phorm, "who have used mind control lasers and the killer robot armies of the Open Rights Group and FIPR to deceive millions of Britons into a Communistic fervor of hatred against the engines of the free market and customer demand, the salesmen and marketers, the true creators and enablers of objective value."

    The website, designed in Microsoft Word, uses the infallible public relations format so successfully put into play by the ReligiousFreedomWatch.org site of the Church of Scientology, an upstanding community institution of similarly flawless repute. StopPhoulPlay.com reveals how:

    • At the age of five, Hanff REFUSED to share his crayons with the little girl next to him, saying she was "poopy" and would only draw a picture to be used against him.
    • At age twelve, Williamson accepted MONEY from his mother to buy sweets, but not to tell schoolmates in case they wanted some.
    • Hanff and Williamson may have attempted to access POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL images blocked by the Internet Watch Foundation.
    • Hanff and Williamson have used WIKIPEDIA at least once in their lives.
    • Hanff and Williamson INVADED POLAND in 1939.

    "Given the persistence with which they propagate incorrect information, we cannot rule out the possibility that a competitor is involved," he said. "The competitor goes under the name 'reality.' Needless to say, we have no tolerance for an entity of such limited possibilities.

    "These people are privacy pirates — people who steal privacy online, off the coast of Somalia. With Internet guns! And drugs! And child pornography!"

    Mr Hanff and Mr Williamson said they were unsure whether to sue Phorm into atomic dust for gross defamation or just to let them continue with their infallible public relations work. Phorm shares have dropped from 405p to being rated a "serious infection risk" by the World Health Organization.

    Picture: Targeted just for you. [newstechnica.com]

  • by MightyMartian ( 840721 ) on Friday November 26, 2010 @07:08PM (#34353808) Journal

    Yeah, you sees, if you pay da money to us, your bakery won't, y'know, burn down, see?

  • by seanonymous ( 964897 ) on Friday November 26, 2010 @07:08PM (#34353814)
    The TSA's version is called Deep Package Inspection. It's totally different.

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