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Saudi Arabia Bans Facebook 227

gandhi_2 sends in a brief Associated Press piece on Saudi Arabia's blocking of Facebook. "An official with Saudi Arabia's communications authority says it has blocked Facebook because the popular social networking website doesn't conform with the kingdom's conservative values. ... He says Facebook's content had 'crossed a line' with the kingdom's conservative morals, but that blocking the site is a temporary measure." Some reports indicate that at least some individual Facebook pages can be reached from inside the kingdom. There hasn't been an official announcement; the source noted above requested anonymity. Earlier this year when Pakistan and Bangladesh banned Facebook, it was over particular content — cartoons of Mohammed — and the Saudi ban may prove similar once more details emerge.
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Saudi Arabia Bans Facebook

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  • Re:yep... (Score:3, Informative)

    by X0563511 ( 793323 ) on Saturday November 13, 2010 @01:42PM (#34216228) Homepage Journal

    Hmm, actually...

    Just yesterday there was some "draw offensive depictions of Mohammed" thing going on with the explicit goal of getting them blocked.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was related.

  • Unbanned (Score:5, Informative)

    by Loadmaster ( 720754 ) on Saturday November 13, 2010 @02:13PM (#34216430)
  • by Nrrqshrr ( 1879148 ) on Saturday November 13, 2010 @02:18PM (#34216468)
    Well, I live in one of those internet black holes, myself. Tunisia. In Tunisia, Youtube, Dailymotion, and many sites were, since 2007, blocked due to "offensive" content (read: politically dissident). What that caused was two things, mainly: More dissidence, and the banalisation of proxies. Right now kids in elementary schools know how to fiddle with proxies and DNS settings to get around the blockade, and despite the govt's sincere efforts, we still watch our vids on youtube ( French blog, sorry). At some point, FB was blocked too, but this nearly caused a riot (Yes, people didn't riot because of a tax increase but they started getting angry when they couldn't play Farmville). This, of course, tought our gov't one thing: being all official about blocking FB is an open invitation to a riot. Thus, they decided to do it diferently and now they block Tunisian IPs from certain pages with... delicate content. (this, I guess, was done hand to hand with Facebook's teams). I do not expect the Saudi gov't to hold on their bloackade for too long, they should play it the smooth way and learn rom their fellow retarded govts.
  • Re:yep... (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday November 13, 2010 @02:20PM (#34216476)
    And anybody that's been to Dubai would know that it is in the UAE, not Saudi Arabia. Next?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday November 13, 2010 @02:47PM (#34216660)


    I am a saudi who lives in saudi and here is my point of the story.

    Saudi's (communications and information technology) has a solution of the shelf that blocks pornographic sites automatically (we got VPN so dont worry we get our pr0ns).

    This solution keeps its own database and that external database messes up sometimes and blocks stuff that should be blocked. google and secondlife were blocked before and were unblocked. Further more, political website and radical islamic websites are blocked as requested by the government for national security.

    facebook's url that was blocked today was ( but if you use ( it works perfectly. so it apparent that the blocking was due to a mess up in the database of the off the shelf solution.

    any questions? :D

  • Re:yep... (Score:3, Informative)

    by MickyTheIdiot ( 1032226 ) on Saturday November 13, 2010 @04:26PM (#34217200) Homepage Journal


  • by Serious Callers Only ( 1022605 ) on Saturday November 13, 2010 @05:12PM (#34217414)

    Wahhabism and Islam are basically one

    I'm sure the citizens of Turkey, Malaysia, Morocco, Bangladesh etc etc not to mention lots of moderate muslims happily living in the west would be very surprised to hear that. It's about as convincing as equating all christians with the Spanish inquisition.

  • Re:yep... (Score:5, Informative)

    by El Torico ( 732160 ) on Saturday November 13, 2010 @05:52PM (#34217622)

    And is full of Saudia arabians... It's where they go to look at strippers and drink booze.

    Bahrain is another "entertainment center" for Saudis. The joke in Bahrain is, "Allah cannot see across the causeway."

    I guess now they can go there for alcohol, prostitution, and Facebook.

  • Re:No problem (Score:3, Informative)

    by tibman ( 623933 ) on Sunday November 14, 2010 @12:35AM (#34219906) Homepage

    Oddly enough, except for the difference in religion, they essentially hate the same things. They both hate:

    1. Religious freedom
    2. Freedom of speech
    3. Intelligence and free thought
    4. Creativity
    5. "Elites" which are anyone who has half a brain in their head and uses it (as opposed to actual elites like the Saudi "royal" family which uses their inherited wealth to oppress people).

    That is a very 4. Creative and 3. Intelligent stereotype. You sound like one of those "stick up your ass" elite types though.. the ones with half a brain and using it.

    Blah, seriously man.. that sort of talk makes you sound worse than the group you are trying to pick on. The guy you replied to made a good joke. You put genuine thought into yours and boxed up an entire region to fit an outlandish stereotype that only exists in your imagination. Seriously, they both also hate cold winters!

  • by n dot l ( 1099033 ) on Sunday November 14, 2010 @10:13AM (#34221830)

    Because Saudi Arabia would be a liberal paradise if it weren't for US support?

    Given that Afghanistan and Iran were some of the most liberal and progressive societies in the region before the US, UK and USSR fucked them over for oil and a military pissing-match, that may well have been the case. Had those nations not been destroyed, they may have had a significant positive influence in the region.

    A lot of progressive movements in the nations around Israel, which were fairly strong early in the century, were also abandoned when the violence (enabled to a great extent by US and UK military aid) really took off.

    It is, of course, entirely possible that the tyranny we see today would have emerged on its own without any foreign intervention, but that doesn't negate the fact that most of the tyrannical regimes in the region are directly traceable to Western sponsorship.

    I'm starting to think that blaming the US is a religion in and of itself for some folks. I swear, I could say "looks like it might rain tonight"...

    The US has done a lot of good and it's done a lot of evil in the world. If you're well and truly sick of it, move to Eastern Europe for a bit, where everything is Russia's fault in pretty much exactly the way that you describe.

    What any of that has to do with cloud is rather beyond me. I personally blame bad weather on arctic lichen, Australian butterflies, and the eldest of all living men named Henry :)

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