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Diaspora On Schedule, One Month In 90

schlick writes with word that the Diaspora project (last mentioned here several weeks back) has an update with a demo and some screen shots. Diaspora's goal: to provide social networking without the privacy invasion possibilities inherent in sites like Facebook.
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Diaspora On Schedule, One Month In

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  • What about elgg? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 02, 2010 @11:10PM (#32782930)

    It has been around for a while.

  • Meanwhile... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by dominion ( 3153 ) on Friday July 02, 2010 @11:12PM (#32782938) Homepage

    Work on Appleseed has also been progressing rapidly. In the past month, we've added internationalization, theming, and an MVC+plugin framework. You can see our revised roadmap in the svn: []

    Here's my public Appleseed profile using an early version of the new theme: []

    Remote logins, remote friends connections, remote messaging, journals, photos, discussion groups, sophisticated node control, ACL and privacy controls and more are all working, and will be refined in the coming releases, along with all new features like one-click server upgrades, search, micro-blogging, and more.

    Michael Chisari
    Appleseed - []

  • Re:It looks good. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 03, 2010 @12:04AM (#32783172)

    Re: "practical enough that people would actually use it" -- define "people". The fact that you compared Diaspora to Freenet almost says enough about which people will go to the trouble of using it. For better or worse, most people do not care enough about privacy to use Freenet or Diaspora. Folks are pissed off at Facebook, yes, but not because Facebook is overly centralized, rather because Facebook has made dumb decisions re: what to do with all that centralized data. Theoretically, something like Diaspora can solve these problems by decentralizing, but is there the remotest possibility that the majority of Facebook users would move over to it for that theoretical reason? No, not at all. If any significant number of people leave Facebook, it will be for another centralized and easy-to-use service, just one with a slightly stronger-seeming commitment to privacy.

  • Re:Meanwhile... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 03, 2010 @12:56AM (#32783370)

    It's a shame your project doesn't get more attention.

    The Diaspora guys' only real talent seems to be marketing that allowed them to raise a boatload of cash on vaporware hype and a catchy name.

    p.s. I hope you change the name. Diaspora is a LOT cooler name than Appleseed, so they don't have to be better to get your marketshare.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 03, 2010 @03:28AM (#32783898)

    And if you have the kinda of 'friends' that you can't trust to not re-share your data, then don't share with them in the first place.

    Personally, I'll be implementing a 3 strikes policy - if a friend re-shares any of my personal data (not general public webstuff) 3 times, they will be blocked.

  • Comment removed (Score:5, Interesting)

    by account_deleted ( 4530225 ) on Saturday July 03, 2010 @04:44AM (#32784148)
    Comment removed based on user account deletion
  • Re:Privacy is dead. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by LaRainette ( 1739938 ) on Saturday July 03, 2010 @06:48AM (#32784548)
    You fail to understand what free means.
    Free =/= In the hands of a few very powerful corporation who will hide it (since it represents a capital competitive advantage over the smaller, less connected companies)
    That would actually be the opposite of free.

    Secondly Free doesn't really Apply on data, it applies on people. For the same reason what you call information cannot WANT to be "free". People want to access information, that's very different.

    Now if you think on a systemic scale : two very strong forces oppose those who want to share the information, which mean to share the power we have on information (i.e. everybody controls its own and shares the amount he wants) and those who want to OWN the information (meaning not free anymore) in order then to monetize it and sell it to those who will pay the most (BigCo) and that would be Facebook and the likes.

    Finally I just wanted to underline that you, probably on purpose, mistake information and personal information.
    As Tim Berners Lee and others have been advocating for quite a long time, it is critical that we share more DATA, make it more accessible to everyone. That data he was talking about is not personal data, it is anonymous statistical data that should be available to anyone who wants to study it and make something out of it.
    Our governments for instance sit on piles of data that they are incapable of analysing because they don't have the time or money to do it, but they wont share it for stupid reasons.

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