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Mafia Boss Betrayed By Facebook 214

An anonymous reader writes "One of Italy's 100 most-wanted criminals, a vicious mafia boss who had been on the run for months, was betrayed by his passion for social networking and flushed out thanks to Facebook. Using the name 'Scarface' from the gangster movie starring Al Pacino, Pasquale Manfredi, 33, a boss of the the ferocious 'Ndrangheta mafia organization from the Calabria region in southern Italy, had logged on to his Facebook account so often that police were able to trace the signal from his Internet key and find his hideout.' Seems the Mafia Wars Facebook phenomenon goes deeper than it seemed!"
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Mafia Boss Betrayed By Facebook

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  • by Pojut ( 1027544 ) on Monday March 22, 2010 @10:57AM (#31568634) Homepage

    It's likely simplified language for something too complicated for the general public to understand.

  • by LaminatorX ( 410794 ) <sabotage.praecantator@com> on Monday March 22, 2010 @11:09AM (#31568924) Homepage

    <Python>"As you see, Sergeant Smiley has not learned the first rule of Not Being Seen: Never stand up."</Python>

  • Re:Eh (Score:5, Insightful)

    by fuzzyfuzzyfungus ( 1223518 ) on Monday March 22, 2010 @11:12AM (#31568994) Journal
    I'm guessing that "'Ndrangheta boss" counts for more than "uses facebook" when it comes to calculating an individual's ranking in the criminal respect index.
  • by Bigjeff5 ( 1143585 ) on Monday March 22, 2010 @11:45AM (#31569648)

    why do people choose a life where they have millions of $$$/Euros but have to live where they can't show it off and like they are poor?

    Because before they were on the lamb they were living like kings.

    Seriously, why the hell else would you think they do it? You've only seen them at the end of their time as mob boss, they haven't been living in basements for the last 20 years, they've only been living in a basement for the last three weeks. Get it?

    It takes years, decades even, to close the noose on these guys because of their money and influence, and even then you'd better have out-witted them at every turn or they'll find a way to slip away clean. In the mean time, they are living in multi-million dollar houses, eating like kings, wearing clothes worth more than ordinary people's cars, etc. There is a lot of advantage that goes with the risk - the only thing that sucks is if you get caught you are as bad off as the poor people these guys despise.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 22, 2010 @12:58PM (#31571028)

    He had plenty of opportunity for advancement given the high fatality rate of that profession.

  • Re:Eh (Score:3, Insightful)

    by flappinbooger ( 574405 ) on Monday March 22, 2010 @01:26PM (#31571670) Homepage
    The existence of the mafia (and the general culture of doing everything and anything you can get away with) is just the way the Italians ARE.

    The government only deals with the organized crime periodically, like when it's so bad it gets embarrassing.

    A thirty something mob boss on facebook isn't all that surprising, something tells me it's not like the movies where all they do is sit around eating pasta and talking in cliche like "Paulie sleeps wit da fishes".

    There's probably a mafia presence in the malware scene, anyway, as organized crime keeps up with the times.

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