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UK Gov't Wants Facebook To Feature Child Safety Button 237

judgecorp writes "Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, has said that UK government ministers are 'taking action' to get Facebook to add a British child protection button (called CEOP) to its site. The move comes after the UK's Daily Mail withdrew allegations that teenagers on Facebook are continually pestered — though Facebook is still considering suing the paper. The campaign apparently ignores Facebook's assertion that it already has better child protection in place and the CEOP button would be limited to the UK."
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UK Gov't Wants Facebook To Feature Child Safety Button

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  • by pandrijeczko ( 588093 ) on Friday March 12, 2010 @08:05AM (#31450172)

    Just to correct you, it was Jacqui Smith who was involved in the porn on expenses [dailymail.co.uk] scandal.

    However, the pair of them are evil, menopausal bitches from hell - and Harriet Harlot was also the one who toured her own constituency in an armoured vest [dailymail.co.uk].

    Personally, I'm not letting the pair of them anywhere near my cock.

  • hmmmm (Score:2, Interesting)

    by zerointeger ( 1587877 ) on Friday March 12, 2010 @08:22AM (#31450262)

    Good parenting is a better option.

    Having a button in any type of chat application which either party can flag a conversation with is so interfering with a UI that you all hate the idea?

    I don't have kids, and I cannot think of anything better then good parenting but I also cannot see any harm adding a simple for the sole purpose of making it easier to handle things such as bots, scammers, predators etc.

    The only problem I can really see is misuse of the button when an ex-girlfriend decides she wants to fuck with her ex-boyfriend in a malicious manner.

    I suppose filtering and priority detection can be implemented to possibly eliminate false positives etc.

  • by HungryHobo ( 1314109 ) on Friday March 12, 2010 @10:31AM (#31451328)

    And if china requires a "report dissent" button so that Chinese teenagers can report people for calling for a free tibet etc.
    A few years later you're catching a connecting flight through a Chinese airport....

    It's not that hard to teach your kids basic net safety.
    It's just a pity that social networks fly in the face of it.

    I grew up with the simple rules of :

    Never give out your real name.
    Never tell people where you live.

    Now of course I worry about my younger cousin since those rules seem to have gone out of fashion to be replaced by it being the norm to post photographs of yourself, post up your full name, full address, date of birth and then post on friends pages about which paths you like to take home from school.

    I'm in my early 20's, I'm part of the post endless September generation but pre social networking generation.
    The I can't decide if the social media generation is retarded or just less paranoid.

  • by abigsmurf ( 919188 ) on Friday March 12, 2010 @11:41AM (#31452172)
    Police forces can put a condition on elements of CRB checks that threaten the employer with jail if they reveal what they say (including to the subject of the check). They're pretty rare but they do indeed exist.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ipm/2009/07/crb_checks_and_secret_letters.shtml [bbc.co.uk]

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