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EFF Launches "Takedown Hall of Shame" 163

netbuzz writes "Recognizing that public shame is a potent weapon, the Electronic Frontier Foundation today launched a new Web site — its Takedown Hall of Shame — that will shine an unflattering spotlight on those corporations and individuals who abuse copyright claims to stifle free speech. Among the early inductees are NPR, NBC, CBS, and Diebold."
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EFF Launches "Takedown Hall of Shame"

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  • Re:NPR? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by schnikies79 ( 788746 ) on Tuesday October 27, 2009 @05:24PM (#29890359)

    Free speech is free speech. Picking and choosing your examples is just as bad as censorship.

  • Re:Mod Parent troll (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday October 27, 2009 @06:02PM (#29890851)
    Parent is trolling; Fox has an extensive history of censorship.

    I'm not so sure he's consciously attempting to troll. commodore64_love has shown time and time again that he falls very short on the ability to recognize shortcomings in both himself and those he tries to champion. I think he honestly believes that Fox is the epitome of "fair and balanced" reporting and that they are being picked on because of it.

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