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Data Privacy Day Wrap-Up 18

Several companies, government bodies and other groups have decided to label January 28th as an annual tech holiday of sorts, Data Privacy Day. Mortimer.CA writes "Various organizations had events on it including Intel, Microsoft, Google, and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. It seems to have been mostly a quiet affair this time around, but hopefully it will grow over time."
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Data Privacy Day Wrap-Up

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  • Privacy Day (Score:5, Funny)

    by Imagix ( 695350 ) on Wednesday January 28, 2009 @09:28PM (#26648055)
    Apparently it's so private that nobody knew about it.
    • by gravos ( 912628 )
      The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote data privacy education with a particular focus towards teenagers. Rather than total data abstinence, we recommend they wear data condoms before exchanging their "information".
    • by YayaY ( 837729 )

      Every day should be data privacy day...

  • I'm going to keep my computers powered off all day. Awww, damnit.
  • but hopefully it will grow over time

    Hopefully not. How the hell else do you think that news and video is going to get paid for without targeted advertising? (Music obviously will always be able to fall back on live performances, which is good since it would be pretty annoying to listen to ads for music.) Traditional online advertising is both annoying and inefficient – there's a reason why people actually sort of enjoy reading ads in when they're targeted to them (think: magazines).
  • Isn't it like critical mass--irreversible loss of parameters? Seems not to be much lauded because of that, really...
  • ...who took part in it at my place of work.

    I put on an eyepatch and bandana, stuck a stuffed parrot on my shoulder and hopped around saying "Aaaaarrrrr" a lot. I hope more people will join in next year, cos I felt a bit conspicuous.

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