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ACLU Warns of Next Pass At Telecom Immunity 201

The ACLU has reportedly uncovered another pass at telecom immunity and is urging concerned citizens to speak out against what they call a "dangerous backroom deal." "But now, word comes that House leadership may be working hand-in-hand with Senator Jay Rockefeller, the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who has spearheaded efforts to give immunity to law-breaking phone companies that provided mountains of customer data to the government without warrants. As discussions continue, it's critical that House leadership avoid buckling to pressure from the White House or Senator Rockefeller at all costs. House leadership — and every representative — need to draw a line in the sand, by rejecting any compromise that would undo the achievement we fought so hard for in February."
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ACLU Warns of Next Pass At Telecom Immunity

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  • by 24-bit Voxel ( 672674 ) on Monday May 05, 2008 @07:49PM (#23306328) Journal
    It really does seem to be both parties working together.

    In the past for social change to become in the public awareness it has taken a bad economy or an intolerable immediate social situation. Given the track record of the Republicans over the past 30 years the best path to force social change would be to keep electing them so that they destroy the economy and the standing of the US in the rest of the world to such a level that only public outcry and massive social change can bring us back. Naturally, no one wants this so we are stuck between a rock (iraq) and a hard place.

    /sarcasm on

    So do us all a favor and vote for the worst candidate from here on out. It's the only way. It will bring out social change faster than the small bandaid method we are currently employing. This is the best way to 'burn out'.

    /sarcasm off

    Note: this message has been edited for the sarcasm impaired.

  • by hondo77 ( 324058 ) on Monday May 05, 2008 @07:58PM (#23306396) Homepage

    So do us all a favor and vote for the worst candidate from here on out. It's the only way.

    He's been in the White House for seven years. I don't think we're getting the results you were hoping for.

  • by spikedvodka ( 188722 ) on Monday May 05, 2008 @10:25PM (#23307600)
    You mean like the old joke:

    A guy is sitting in the front row of a "town meeting" in an overwhelming republican town, when the R presidential candidate comes to speak.

    the candidate asks "So who here is a republican?" everybody else raises their hands, so he asks the gentleman in the front "So why aren't you a republican?"
    "Well, my father was a democrat, his father was a democrat, as so was his father before him, so I'm a democrat."
    "Well, what if your father, and his father has been idiots?"
    "Then I guess I'd be a republican"

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